It is the Sensex's counterpart on the National Stock Exchnage, NSE. Indian equity markets remain open between am and pm. This is an important reform introduced in the Indian stock market in December , under which all commitments of sale and purchase result. The stock market is any exchange that allows people to buy and sell .. the stock market terms above will become part of your daily vocabulary.


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Expanding your stock market vocabulary will enable you to be a better investor, so that you can trade successfully. Given below is a basic glossary of terms that you must know as an investor: In the stock indian share market glossary, an agent refers to a brokerage firm which buys or sells shares on behalf of the investor.

Lowest price at which an owner agrees to sell the shares.


Under UMIR rule Non-clearing firms may report indian share market glossary the firm that is responsible for their clearing. Continuous Disclosure A company's ongoing obligation to inform the public of significant corporate events, both favourable and unfavourable. Convertible Security A security of an indian share market glossary for example - bonds, debentures, or preferred shares that may be converted into other securities of that issuer, in accordance with the terms of the conversion feature.

The conversion usually occurs at the option of the holder of the securities, but it may occur at the option of the issuer. Corporation or Company A form of business organization created under provincial or federal laws that has a legal identity separate from its owners. The shareholders are the corporation's owners and are liable for the debts of the corporation only up to the amount of their investment.

Financial Glossary: Dictionary, Finance, Investment and Stock/Share Market Definitions

This is known as limited liability. With some approved exceptions, crosses can only occur within the current bid and ask for the stock.

Crossing Session After the close of the regular trading day, crosses can indian share market glossary executed between 4: ET at the last sale price of the stock.

Cum Dividend With dividend. The owner of shares purchased cum dividend is entitled to an upcoming already-declared dividend.

The opposite of this is ex dividend. Cum Rights With rights.


The owner of shares purchased cum rights is entitled to forthcoming, already-declared rights. The opposite of this is ex rights. Cyclical Stock A stock of a company in indian share market glossary industry sector that is particularly sensitive to swings in economic conditions. Dd Daily Price Limit The maximum price advance or decline permitted for a futures contract in one trading session compared to the previous day's settlement price.

Financial Glossary

Day Order An order that is valid only for the day it is entered. If the order is indian share market glossary outstanding when the market closes, it will be purged overnight.

Debenture A long-term debt instrument issued by corporations or governments that is backed only by the integrity of the borrower, not by collateral.

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