Prawinanto, Adityo A sociolinguistic analysis of the use of swear words in The Antologi Rasa Novel written by Ika Natassa. Skripsi thesis. Written By: Ika Natassa Published by: Gramedia Pustaka Utama Language: Bahasa Indonesia [ we learn that even the one person that. Antologi Rasa by Ika Natassa. Disclaimer. I felt very woman when I read this book, so this review maybe had very woman-vibe in it. Try to read it.


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My other books usually take me about five to six months actually to write, but I might be planning for at least six months before that, even while I am finishing another book.


What inspired you to write Finding Audrey? Ika natassa antologi rasa of her experiences are mine, but mainly I just try and think of the craziest and most alarming situations she could get herself into, and write them!

I really admire your talent in comic writing; each one of your books always has this effortless funny moment, even in Finding Audrey which ika natassa antologi rasa around a serious topic: Is that something that comes easily to you?

You can say so much through humour.

And comedy is what I like to read myself. Once an idea of a story came to you, how ika natassa antologi rasa does it usually take before you pen the first sentence? What kind of preparations do you usually do beforehand?


Usually it is at least six months before I will actually start to write the book, though I will start planning straightaway. I like to be planning my next book or even two books whilst I am writing the current one.

Antologi Rasa Quotes

Once I have an idea I will start making notes and thinking ika natassa antologi rasa possible plot ideas. Can she really omit Harris from her mind, after all Wine Wine Solution, after all running together, after all breakfast?

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While she is binding herself with her flirtmate… H a r r i s Countless women have been his prey. From a point of view, Harris Risjad is a true man. He able to conquer every woman he desires to.

Antologi Rasa - Ika Natassa | Books | Pinterest | Books

His every tempting and seducing skill is broken against this lady. When finally a chance let him experiencing a moment of couple in Singapore, all he gets is ika natassa antologi rasa a different Keara, weird, almost like someone else.

He felt that his self-esteem is tossed away just to get close to this Keara. Until he confesses to her.

Ika Natassa, Antologi Rasa | The Most Romantic Quotes In The World

And what did he get? As a man, those slaps are hardly do harm to his body. But his heart is hurting ika natassa antologi rasa if it were bloody sliced…:: One unlikeliness I found in Antologi Rasa [AR] is that major writing style is as if written by a man. And it amuses me.

Antologi Rasa (Indonesian Edition): Ika Natassa: : Books

This writing style stops me for thinking that ika natassa antologi rasa writer is a woman. Instead, It flows freely. Well, it has never been in any theoretical writing guidelines whatsoever, because that is just my nickname calling a process in building a good novel:

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