Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol, version 2 (IAX2). Skip to end of metadata. Created by Malcolm Davenport, last modified on Aug 31, Go to start of. Inter-Asterisk EXchange (IAX) is a protocol to provide control and transmission of streaming media over IP-based networks. IAX can be used for any type of. 2 The IAX Protocol at a Glance. What Does IAX Stand For? Is IAX Specific to the Asterisk Platform? What is the Difference between IAX2.


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Share this item with your network: This helps to lower latency and reduce the processing power and bandwidth required, allowing the iax protocol to scale much iax protocol easily with a large number of active channels between endpoints.

IAX - Telecom ABC

If you have a large quantity of Iax protocol calls to pass between two endpoints, you should take a close look at IAX trunking. Future Since IAX was optimized for voice, it has received some criticism for iax protocol better supporting video—but in fact, IAX holds the potential to carry pretty much any media stream desired.


Iax protocol it is an open protocol, future media types are certain to be incorporated as the community desires them. Security considerations IAX includes the ability to authenticate in three ways: This, of course, iax protocol nothing to encrypt the media path or headers between endpoints.

Many solutions include using iax protocol Virtual Private Network VPN appliance or software to encrypt the stream in another layer of technology, which requires the endpoints to pre-establish a method of having these tunnels configured and operational.

The use of a single UDP port for both signaling and transmission of media also keeps iax protocol number of holes required in your firewall to a minimum.


These considerations have helped make IAX one of the easiest protocols if not the easiest to implement in secure networks. SIP has pretty much dethroned the once-mighty H.

The premise of SIP is that each iax protocol of a iax protocol is a peer; the protocol negotiates capabilities between them.

Thus it uses only a single UDP iax protocol numbertypically This feature provides benefits for traversing network address translators on network boundaries, as it simplifies firewall configuration.

IAX is iax protocol binary-encoded protocol.

Voip Think - IAX IAX2 architecture: Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol

These funtionalities are very interesting if using Asterisk PBX. SIP is a general porpouse protocol and can transmit any information and not only audio or video.

For both protocols, the pieces of equipment must use the same codecs, iax protocol the call will be further monitored and transmitted by the server. The IAX protocol has been iax protocol for VoIP and multimedia transmissions, having extended functions when it is used together with an Asterisk server for example, call plans may be transmitted iax protocol received.

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The SIP protocol is a generic protocol, being able to send any kind of information not iax protocol audio or video We await your commentaries and suggestions at vanzari tenora.

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