A central feature of colonial racism has been the need to categorize and separate 'races'. The term hybridity has been used to describe a condition in which these boundaries of identity are crossed, resulting in illegitimate racial mixing. Hybridity is a cross between two separate races, plants or cultures. A hybrid is something that is mixed, and hybridity is simply mixture. Hybridity is not a new cultural or historical phenomenon. The word hybridity was in use in English since the early 17th century and gained popular currency in the 19th century.‎Hybridity as racial mixing · ‎Hybridity in post-colonial · ‎Hybridity in linguistics. Define hybridity. hybridity synonyms, hybridity pronunciation, hybridity translation, English dictionary definition of hybridity. n. 1. Genetics The offspring of.


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This use of the term has been widely criticized, since it usually implies negating and neglecting the imbalance and inequality of the power relations it hybridity definition. The idea hybridity definition hybridity also underlies other attempts to stress the mutuality of cultures in the colonial and post-colonial process in expressions of syncreticity, cultural synergy and transculturation.

Hybridity - definition of hybridity by The Free Dictionary

Hybridity definition criticism hybridity definition the term referred to above stems from the perception that theories that stress mutuality necessarily downplay oppositionality, and increase continuing post-colonial dependence.

One set of concerns flags the inherent epistemological contradictions of the term itself: For example, one critique is that the term can never be liberatory because it always implies a prior state hybridity definition purity, even as it attempts to critique this idea; also, because it is shaped by organic and biological conceptions that are also heterosexist, it risks naturalizing essentialisms.


Some further argue that it is an imprecise concept if one takes as axiomatic that all cultures hybridity definition hybrid and that purity is a mythical construct. A second set of critiques addresses dominant uses of hybridity.

Hybridity |

For example, some argue that it has come to delimit certain objects of inquiry in ways that elide questions of inequality. Hybridity definition as a concern for racial purity responds clearly to the zeitgeist of colonialism where, despite the backdrop of the humanitarian age of enlightenmentsocial hierarchy was beyond hybridity definition as was the position of Europeans at its summit.

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The social transformations that followed the ending of colonial mandates, rising immigration, and economic liberalization profoundly altered the use and understanding of the term hybridity. It is the second stage in the history of hybridity, characterized by literature and theory that study the effects hybridity definition mixture hybridity upon identity and culture.

Hybridity demonstrates how cultures hybridity definition to be represented by processes of iteration and translation through which their meanings are vicariously addressed to—through—an Other.

This contrasts any "essentialist claims for the inherent authenticity or purity of cultures which, when inscribed in the naturalistic sign of symbolic consciousness frequently become political arguments for the hierarchy hybridity definition ascendary of powerful cultures.

The colonial subject is located in a place of hybridity, its identity formed in a space of iteration and translation by the colonizer. Hybridity opens up a space, figuratively speaking, where the construction of a political object that is new, neither the colonizer nor the Hybridity definition, properly defies our political expectations.


However, like Bhabha's concept of mimicry, hybridity is a doubling, dissembling image of being in at least two places at once. This turn in the effect of hybridity makes the hybridity definition of colonist authority no longer immediately visible. Bhabha includes interpretations of hybridity in postcolonial discourse.

Homi Bhabha’s Concept of Hybridity – Literary Theory and Criticism

One is that he sees hybridity as a strategic reversal of the hybridity definition domination through disavowal. Examples of hybrid in a Sentence Noun a hybrid of hybridity definition roses The band plays a hybrid of jazz and rock.

It comes without guarantees.

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