Detectors made of High Purity Germanium (HPGe) crystals continue to be funda- a method to characterize a HPGe detector is presented, showing the. "ORTEC provides a comprehensive suite of HPGe radiation detector solutions covering an extensive range of energies and for a variety of applications.‎Types of HPGe Radiation · ‎Gamma-X (GMX) N-type High. Lead shields prevent high background counts with gamma detectors due to external sources, thus reducing counting times and improving the lower limit of.


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Germanium Detectors

When photons interact with the material within the depleted volume of a detector, charge carriers holes and electrons are produced and are swept by the electric field to the p and n electrodes.

This charge, which is in proportion to the hpge detector deposited in the detector by the incoming photon, is converted into a voltage pulse by an hpge detector charge sensitive preamplifier.

Because germanium has relatively low band gap, these detectors must be cooled in order to reduce the thermal generation of charge carriers thus reverse leakage current to an acceptable level.

Otherwise, leakage current induced noise destroys the energy resolution of the detector. Consequently, in semiconductor detectors the statistical hpge detector of the pulse height hpge detector smaller and the energy resolution is higher.


As the electrons travel fast, the time resolution is also very good, and is dependent upon rise hpge detector. As charged particles pass through these strips, they cause small ionization currents that can be detected and measured.


Arranging thousands of hpge detector detectors around a collision point in a particle accelerator can yield an accurate hpge detector of what paths particles take. Silicon detectors have a much higher resolution in tracking charged particles than older technologies such as cloud chambers or wire chambers.

The drawback is that silicon detectors are much more expensive than these older technologies and require sophisticated cooling to reduce leakage currents noise source.

Hpge detector also suffer degradation over time from radiationhowever this can be greatly reduced thanks to the Lazarus effect.

Semiconductor detector - Wikipedia

Diamond detectors[ edit ] Diamond detectors have many similarities with silicon detectors, but are expected to offer significant advantages, in hpge detector a high radiation hardness and very low drift currents.

At present they are much more expensive and more difficult to manufacture. Germanium detectors[ edit ] High-purity germanium detector disconnected from liquid nitrogen dewar Germanium detectors hpge detector mostly used for gamma spectroscopy in nuclear physicsas well as x-ray spectroscopy.


While silicon detectors cannot be thicker than a few millimeters, germanium can have a depleted, sensitive thickness of centimeters, and therefore can be used as a total absorption detector for gamma rays up to hpge detector MeV.

These detectors are also called high-purity germanium detectors HPGe or hyperpure germanium detectors. Before hpge detector purification techniques were refined, germanium crystals could not hpge detector produced with purity sufficient to enable their use as spectroscopy detectors.

Impurities in the crystals trap electrons and holes, ruining the performance of the detectors.

HPGe Detector Shields

Consequently, germanium crystals were doped with lithium ions Ge Liin order to produce an intrinsic region in which the electrons and holes would be able to reach the contacts and produce a signal. When germanium hpge detector were first developed, only very small crystals were hpge detector.

The thickness of these contacts represents a dead layer around the surface of the crystal within which energy depositions do not result in detector signals.

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