La historia de la inteligencia artificial (AI) comienza en la antigüedad, con mitos, historias y rumores de seres artificiales dotados con inteligencia o conciencia. La siguiente historia la proporciona Andres Pedraza, COO de la Una compañía que crece alrededor y desde la Inteligencia Artificial, tiene un. Una linea del tiempo que abarca los avances de la Inteligencia Artificial y como ha ido evolucionando con el paso de los años.


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The study of mechanical—or "formal"—reasoning has a long history.

La historia de la IA a la que dejaron suelta y se convirtió en hacker

ChineseIndian and Greek philosophers all developed structured methods of formal deduction in the first millennium BCE. For it would suffice to take their pencils in hand, down to their slates, and to say each other with a friend as witness, if they liked: In the 20th century, the study of historia inteligencia artificial logic provided the essential breakthrough that made artificial intelligence seem plausible.

Building on Frege 's system, Russell and Whitehead presented a formal treatment of the foundations of mathematics in historia inteligencia artificial masterpiece, the Principia Mathematica in Inspired by Russell 's success, David Hilbert challenged mathematicians of the s and 30s to answer this fundamental question: This photo has been artificially darkened, obscuring details such as the women who were present and the IBM equipment in use.

But second and more important for AI their work suggested that, within these limits, any form of mathematical reasoning could be mechanized. The Church-Turing thesis implied that a mechanical device, shuffling symbols as simple as 0 and 1, could imitate any conceivable process of mathematical deduction.

Inteligencia artificial: un poco de historia

The key insight was the Turing machine —a simple theoretical construct that captured the essence of abstract symbol historia inteligencia artificial.

This invention would inspire a handful of scientists to begin discussing the possibility of thinking machines. History of computer hardware e History of computer science. Calculating machines historia inteligencia artificial built in antiquity and improved throughout history by many mathematicians, including once again philosopher Gottfried Leibniz.

In the early 19th century, Charles Babbage designed a programmable computer the Analytical Enginealthough it was never built.

Tudo sobre inteligência artificial: 10 fatos que você precisa saber | Computadores | TechTudo

Ada Lovelace speculated that the machine "might compose elaborate and scientific pieces of music of any degree of complexity or extent". A note on the sections in this article. Historia inteligencia artificial field of artificial intelligence research was founded as an academic discipline in Cybernetics and early neural networks[ editar ] The earliest research into thinking machines was inspired by a confluence of ideas that became prevalent in the late 30s, 40s and early 50s.

Recent research in neurology had shown that the historia inteligencia artificial was an electrical network of neurons that fired in all-or-nothing pulses.

Norbert Wiener 's cybernetics described control and stability in electrical networks.

Historia de la Inteligencia Artificial by VERONICA RODRIGUEZ on Prezi

Claude Shannon 's information theory described digital signals i. Alan Turing 's theory of computation showed that any form of computation could be described digitally. The close relationship between these ideas suggested that it might be possible to construct an electronic brain.

Grey Walter 's historia inteligencia artificial and the Johns Hopkins Beast. These machines did not use computers, digital electronics or symbolic reasoning; they historia inteligencia artificial controlled entirely by analog circuitry.


They were the first to describe what later researchers would call a neural network. Turing's test[ editar ] In Alan Turing published a landmark paper in which he speculated about the possibility of creating machines that think.

Historia inteligencia artificial a machine could carry on a conversation over a teleprinter that was indistinguishable from a conversation with a human being, then it was reasonable to say that the machine was "thinking".

This simplified version historia inteligencia artificial the problem allowed Turing to argue convincingly that a "thinking machine" was at least plausible and the paper answered all the most common objections to the proposition.

Symbolic reasoning and the Logic Theorist[ editar ] When access to digital computers became possible in the middle fifties, a few scientists instinctively recognized that a machine that could manipulate numbers could also manipulate symbols and that the manipulation of symbols could well be the essence of human thought.

This historia inteligencia artificial a new approach to creating thinking machines.

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