CANAL DE SUEZ. Posted on marzo 16, by olinalzin PARA ABORDAR EL TEMA UNA PEQUEÑA INTRODUCCION DEL CANAL DE SUEZ. CANAL DE SUEZ Historia del Canal de Suez El ingeniero francés Ferdinand de Lesseps, convenció al virrey para apoyar la construcción de. For over years, SUEZ has accompanied the great revolutions of our societies, at the service of human progress. From the construction of the Suez Canal.


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Bathymetric chartnorthern Gulf of Suezroute to CairoAlthough the alleged difference in sea levels could be problematic for construction, the idea of finding a shorter route to the east remained alive.


Chesney submitted a report to the British government that stated that there was no difference in elevation and that the Suez Canal was feasible, but his report received no further attention. Lieutenant Waghorn established his "Overland Route", which transported post and passengers to India via Egypt.

In addition to his normal duties, he surveyed the Historia del canal de suez of Suez and made plans for the Suez Canal. Alois Negrellithe Austrian railroad pioneer, became interested in the idea in Bourdaloue's survey of the isthmus was the first generally accepted evidence that there was no historia del canal de suez difference in altitude between the two seas.


Britain, however, feared that a canal open to everyone might interfere with its India trade and therefore preferred a connection by train from Alexandria via Cairo to Suez, which was eventually built by Stephenson.

Construction by the Suez Canal Company[ edit ] Suez Canal, In andFerdinand de Lesseps obtained a concession from Sa'id Pashathe Khedive of Egypt and Sudanto create a company historia del canal de suez construct a canal open to ships of all nations.


The company was to operate the canal for 99 years from its opening. De Lesseps had used his friendly relationship with Sa'id, which he had developed while he was a French diplomat in the s. As stipulated in the concessions, Ferdinand convened the International Commission for the piercing of the historia del canal de suez of Suez Commission Internationale pour le percement de l'isthme des Suez historia del canal de suez of 13 experts from seven countries, among them John Robinson McCleanlater President of the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, and again Negrelli, to examine the plans developed by Linant de Bellefondsand to advise on the feasibility of and the best route for the canal.

Our history

After surveys and analyses in Egypt and discussions in Paris on historia del canal de suez aspects of the canal, where many of Negrelli's ideas prevailed, the commission produced a unanimous report in December containing a detailed description of the canal complete with plans and profiles.

Some sources estimate that over 30, people were working on the canal at any given period, that more than 1. As one of the diplomatic moves against the canal, it disapproved of the use of "slave labour" of forced workers.

The Historia del canal de suez Empire was the major global naval force and officially condemned the forced work and sent armed Bedouins to start a revolt among workers.

Initially international opinion was skeptical and Suez Canal Company shares did not sell well overseas. Britain, Austriaand Russia did not buy a significant number of shares.

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However, with assistance from the Cattaui banking family, and their relationship with James de Rothschild historia del canal de suez the French House of Rothschild bonds and shares were successfully promoted in France and other parts of Europe. A contemporary British skeptic claimed "One thing is sure It will never become a large ship's accessible way in any case.

Brooklyn Museum The canal opened under French control on historia del canal de suez November Although numerous technical, political, and financial problems had been overcome, the final cost was more than double the original estimate.

The Khedive, in particular, was historia del canal de suez to overcome initial reservations held by both British and French creditors by enlisting the help of the Sursock Familywhose deep connections proved invaluable in securing much international support for the project.

On the night before the canal was due to open, Captain Nares navigated his vessel, in total darkness and without lights, through the mass of waiting ships until it was in front of L'Aigle.

HISTORIA DEL CANAL DE SUEZ | Just another weblog

When dawn broke, the French were horrified to find that the Royal Navy was first in line and that it would be impossible to pass them. Nares received both an official reprimand and an unofficial vote of thanks from the Admiralty for his actions in promoting British interests and for demonstrating such superb seamanship.

Dido, became the first to pass historia del canal de suez the Canal from South to North [57] [58].

After the opening, the Suez Canal Company was in financial difficulties. Historia del canal de suez remaining works were completed only inand traffic was below expectations in the first two years. The ensuing commercial and diplomatic activities resulted in the International Commission of Constantinople establishing a specific kind of net tonnage and settling the question of tariffs in its protocol of 18 December

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