Discuss the blood supply of the liver; Define the concept of the classic liver lobule and recognize it in histological tissue sections; Learn about the structure of. Click on the portal triad and then on the central vein in the section of liver below: Liver is divided histologically into lobules. The center of the lobule is the central. Histology of normal liver. 1. LIVER Normal Histology Rifat Mannan,MD Mount Sinai St.-Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York; 2.


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Not only does it receive arterial blood from the hepatic histology of liver about half of the total blood flowit also receives blood from the hepatic portal vein, which contains nutrients absorbed from the GI tract.

Anatomy and histology of the liver

After passing through the liver, the blood collects and leaves in hepatic veins. These histology of liver blood vessels, enter and leave the liver at the porta hepatis.

Also emerging from the porta hepatis are the left and right hepatic ducts which histology of liver the collected bile, and the efferent lymphatics. Except for a few lymphocytes no significant population of any inflammatory cells is present here.

  • Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas | histology
  • Histology of the Liver

Especially no plasma cells, eosinophils, or histology of liver are seen. The portal tract is bounded by a discontinuous lining of hepatocytes called the limiting plate curved arrow. The adjacent hepatocytes are called peri-portal hepatocytes.

A terminal hepatic venule THValso known as central vein, is the smallest tributary of hepatic vein and which collects venous blood draining through sinusoids two thin arrows of a hepatic histology of liver.

Histology of the Liver

The terminal hepatic vein joins with similar veins of other lobules and with successive collections forms the main hepatic vein. The hepatocytes closest and surrounding the terminal hepatic vein are known as peri-venous hepatocytes. In the classic lobular terminology the hepatocytes histology of liver to the THV and closest to the terminal portal vein branches are said to be in zone 1 of histology of liver lobule whereas the hepatocytes closest to the THV and farthest to the histology of liver portal vein branches are said to be in zone 3 of the lobule.

The cytoplasm is granular and eosinophilic, usually rich in glycogen, with basophilic perinuclear aggregates of rough endoplasmic reticulum. The nucleus is centrally placed, with one or more nucleoli.

Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas

Lipofuscin histology of liver occur as fine, light brown granules, mostly in centrolobular hepatocytes. In the case of the liver, the roads are connective tissue septae which convey vascular and biliary traffic, and the clusters of houses are cord-like arrangements of hepatocytes, the parenchymal cell of the liver.

Prior to embarking on the lessons below, it would histology of liver best to review the core section Architecture of the Liver and Biliary Tract. Summary of Lesson Sheets of connective tissue divide the liver into thousands of small units called lobules.

Overview of liver organization Using the low power objective observe numerous small, pale spots in the parenchyma, most of histology of liver are either central veins or small branches of portal veins in portal canals. There may be a few larger channels, which are larger veins either entering or leaving this region of the liver.

Histology images of Liver & bile ducts by : Pathology e-Atlas

Try to identify classic liver lobules vs. Identify central veins and portal triads; identify components of portal triads the links below show these in Histology of liverbut you should try to find them on your own in slide Follow the flow of blood between hepatic cords Identify Kupffer cells Look for the endothelial lining of the liver sinusoids The central veins central veins, terminal hepatic venules Webscope ImageScope also referred to as terminal hepatic venules are surrounded intimately by hepatocytes similar to those that make up the bulk of the liver tissue.

Portal veins portal vein Webscope ImageScope at medium power appear in section as a histology of liver of rather prominent nuclei. In small branches of the hepatic artery hepatic artery Webscope ImageScope you will see primarily the ring of smooth muscle that makes up their wall.


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