Mixed alkylthiophene-based heterocyclic polymers containing oxadiazole units via electrochemical polymerisation: spectroscopic. Pyromellitic tetranitrile and 4,4′-diaminodiphenyl ether have been reacted in solution and in the solid state, and the macrocyclic polymer produced by each. Prediction of glass transition temperatures of aromatic heterocyclic polymers. Xinliang Yua∗ and Xueye Wangb. a Department of Chemistry and Chemical.


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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Open in a separate window The band heterocyclic polymers and electronic properties in a series of vinylene-linked heterocyclic conducting polymers are heterocyclic polymers using density functional theory DFT.

In order to accurately calculate electronic band gaps, we utilize hybrid functionals with fully periodic boundary conditions to understand the effect of chemical functionalization on the electronic structure of these materials.

The use of predictive first-principles calculations coupled with simple chemical arguments highlights the critical role that aromaticity plays in heterocyclic polymers a low band gap polymer.

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Articulated Para-Ordered Aromatic Heterocyclic Polymers Containing Diphenoxybenzene Structures.

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The pyridine analog is quinoline or isoquinoline. For azepine, benzazepine is the preferred name.

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Likewise, the compounds with two benzene rings fused to the central heterocycle are carbazoleacridineand heterocyclic polymers. Thienothiophene are the fusion of two thiophene rings.

Heterocyclic compound - Wikipedia

Show full item record Abstract High heterocyclic polymers weight soluble aromatic polybenzoxazoles PBO were synthesized from various bis ortho amino phenols and aromatic diacid chlorides via solution step polymerization in Nmethyl- 2-pyrrolidone NMP.

It was demonstrated that reaction temperatures of about 0 Cor lower were highly desired in order to obtain high heterocyclic polymers weight polyhydroxy amides.

It was postulated that this lower temperature prevented pyridine catalyzed side reactions with the phenol group, which would otherwise either limit molecular weight or produce branched heterocyclic polymers gelled structures. Heterocyclic polymers polyhydroxy amides were successfully solution cyclized at elevated temperatures C and complete cyclization was demonstrated with reactions times of 6 hours or less.

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