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S ,Indian Police Service I. Indian Revenue Service Income Tax: Indian Custom and Central Excise Service: Some essential points of Dr.


Balyan sir hemant jha history notes famous and leading faculty for History. He has last 20 years experience. His notes are available in two languages English and Hindi. Some beneficial points of balyan sir History,art and Culture notes. His notes quality is very good and covers all important topics for UPSC prelims and mains 2.

Students specially demand balyan sir history,art and culture notes with practice question paper to help students efficiency to get best marks for UPSC IAS and Civil services exam.

History optional printed notes by Hemant jha sir – My Notes Guru

Our sites delivers quality notes at your doorstep with in days accept all over India you can order at any time from our site. Drishti IAS is the name of quality for every aspirants whatever he belongs like Hemant jha history notes or English medium 2. This hemant jha history notes a subject where strategising becomes paramount; since the expanse of the syllabus itself appears insurmountable.

It's best to analyse the question papers spanning at least a decade; questions before that are too simplistic to have a fair chance of appearing in the same form again.

History Optional Handwritten Class notes Hemant Jha

So, I would suggest compartmentalising questions based on hemant jha history notes. That gives us a fairly expansive scale of topics to focus on. Second, when preparing a particular topic from a book or notes, it's important to cover it in entirety-- i.

Apart from facts, focus on 'whys'-- why civilisations crumbled, how different was their end to another's hemant jha history notes. Focus on analytical questions, but be clear about facts. Only when there is clarity of facts relating to different periods can you handle a question that seeks to highlight the differences and similarities therein.

You must be clear in your head what the basic differences between different civilisations are.

History Optional Printed Notes by Hemant Jha

This suggests a panoramic view of history along with some microscopic treatment. Last year, there were some descriptive questions like Khilji's market reforms, etc-- and these are very standard questions that serve as bonus for an exam-taker.

Don't be caught off-guard on such questions. My parents hemant jha history notes belong to Patiala. My father works in a bank so have been to many cities as resident Delhi, Kolkata, Bikaner, Chandigarh included. I changed 8 schools during earlier days, hence change is hemant jha history notes constant part of my life.

My mother is a housewife, and a big inspiration in my life. I have interests in international relations, history, spirituality, mysticism, philosophy and in many other fields.

I believe in healthy discussions based on facts rather than rhetoric.


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