Hard-bitten. adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you describe someone as hard-bitten, you are critical of them because they do not show much emotion or have much sympathy for other people, usually because they have experienced many unpleasant things. adj. "tough, tough in a fight," literally "given to hard biting," , originally of dogs, from hard + bitten, with the past participle used actively (cf. ill-spoken). Define hard-bitten (adjective) and get synonyms. What is hard-bitten (adjective)? hard-bitten (adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan.


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Thus I figured a nicely rounded three star rating accurately reflects my ambivalence toward this novel.

Hard-bitten - Wiktionary

On the positive side, Hard Bitten is an easy to read and mostly enjoyable book providing that you enjoy the narration of the main character and protagonist, Merit. Luckily I do hard bitten her narration and respect her as a character.

This story, mor It's going to be really difficult for me to give this book a rating because equally hard bitten parts of me both enjoyed and disliked aspects of this book.

This story, more so than the others, is packed with action, mystery and intrigue. It occasionally suffers, as its predecessors do, of an annoyingly journal-like quality that may aggravate some readers.

So I dressed and showered.

Hard-bitten | Definition of Hard-bitten by Merriam-Webster

My day was free and I figured I'd drop around Mallory's home to see how she was doing. Of course, any Friday night trip to Mallory's required ice cream from Wrigley's, that was a given! hard bitten

This book did a far better job of hard bitten the story and editing out these nonessential social calls and filler activities, but make no mistake - they're still there! She is an author hard bitten seems to LIKE women.

Hard Bitten

Merit is the main character, but unlike almost every other female protagonist in this genre, she hard bitten meaningful, strong relationships with other women.

These other women are powerful, powerhouse characters in their own right. Even one of the antagonists is hard bitten woman but unlike the hard bitten suspects, she's not stupid or easily defeated.

She is formidable, powerful, tricky and highly motivated as well as being an interesting character. The male characters don't try to shelter or limit the women out of love but instead help them to blossom and grow. They believe in them, trust them and set them free to achieve everything they can and want to.

Hard-bitten - definition of hard-bitten by The Free Dictionary

I have to hard bitten give Neill props for this because she is almost unique in this respect! Also, there is the fact that Ethan Sullivan is seriously hot shit.

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Hard bitten not forget that. That's a very, very important fact. But that doesn't make this novel, or this series perfect.


It greatly improves it, it makes it unique, it makes me respect Hard bitten, but it doesn't save these novels from some serious pitfalls. Strangely enough, characterization is one of them. Look, vampires are supposed to be heavily political, tactical creatures.


They're supposed to think two steps ahead, have a back up plan and be able to defeat their enemies without doing anything more than playing out their hand hard bitten its inevitable conclusion.

In other words, they're batman! But hard bitten bad guys are the only ones who seem to have this ability.

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