Groff Conklin (September 6, , Glen Ridge, New Jersey - July 19, , Pawling, New York) was a leading science fiction anthologist. Born Edward Groff. The Classic Book of Science Fiction [Groff Conklin, George Gesner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Collects stories about the world of the. Introduction '63 Groff Conklin essay. The Simian Problem '60 Hollis Alpert Strikebreaker '57 Isaac Asimov Come Into My Cellar/Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms in.


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Jenkinsand "Jackdaw" by Ross Rocklynne, all of which appear in both editions of this book. As for awards for the stories in this collection: The prominent display of Conklin's huge hardcover groff conklin in the "New Titles" section of libraries led numerous Groff conklin readers to discover science fiction during the genre's early s boom.

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In the Grip of Terror Permabookswas an offbeat collection of horror tales, and he collaborated with Lucy Conklin on The Supernatural Reader ina year before her death. Four groff conklin later, he married Florence Alexander Groff conklin.

The Weather-Conditioned House is not science fiction but a practical discussion of methods involved in weather-conditioning a house. The book was authoritative enough that it was reissued with an update groff conklin In the last three years of his life, Conklin was the staff science editor for The American Heritage Dictionary of the Groff conklin Language.

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The men are mostly caricatures, too, but usually more flattering ones. Groff conklin you can view the caricatures as a sociological commentary of the times, though, and get past the dated comedy and groff conklin, there are enough gems to be make it worth digging through.

Forester's stunningly prophetic tale, "The Machine Stops", contained in this collection. As we sit in our isolation tanks, hoping against hope for some kind of "idea" to emerge while we communicate solely through our mobile devices -- somewhere out there Forester and HG Wells are having it out.

Conklin eventually became consultant sf editor to Collier Books, for whom he produced the notable anthologies Great Science Fiction by Scientists anth and Fifty Short Science Fiction Tales anththe latter with Isaac Asimov. Conklin wrote a book-review column for Galaxy Science Fiction from 1 October until October

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