Architecture Graduate Portfolio -collection of design and creative you would like to download this portfolio in pdf format, please contact me at. If you are an architectural student – or a young architecture school graduate – Architectural Portfolios are extremely important. While they are. I would like to see examples of portfolios that got accepted to Harvard's portfolios for Postgraduate programs in Architectural Conservation.


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Oct 14, 12 2: I know that's true at at least one other top school as well.

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Oct 14, 12 7: I'm from India, doing my final year in B. I need help designing the perfect portfolio.

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And I saw some of the links. The first one has a lot of studying the approaches or the theories of different architects. Its somewhere near page 30, that the actual "designing" has started. Graduate architecture portfolio, are so many works required?

Especially, when its mostly analyzing. Its 40 pages in total and the majority goes off in analyzing. OMG, its 48 pages!

graduate architecture portfolio

Impressive architecture portfolios by Nico Hsu - Issuu

I like the second one. Do you really need so many views? Arent conceptual sketches or details more important?


My basic doubt is this. Three of the portfolios have 40 to 50 pgs. As zenza has put it, isnt it an overkill?

Examples of MArch I Portfolio | Forum | Archinect

I was told that about 25 to 30 should do the job. Next, Indian architecture schools deal with designs differently.

Looking at a model that you made does more than just allow me to reminisce about the good old days … it tells me something about graduate architecture portfolio attention to detail, your ability to focus on a fairly mind-numbing task for an extended period of time, and I can look at how your model was built from a craft standpoint — which tells me something about you as an individual.

Graduate architecture portfolio you care enough about your work to make sure that things are glued down properly? That all the teeny-tiny elements are properly aligned to one another? What about your decision-making process on how to articulate the materials within your model?

Physical models are just another way for me to graduate architecture portfolio your design aesthetic. You have to decide how to present it, what sort of base is it sitting upon, what shape is the footprint of the model?

Architecture Graduate Portfolio on Behance

I am not judging your architecture, I am examining your thought process about how you communicate an idea and demonstrate pride graduate architecture portfolio your work.

For all I know, your studio professor made all the hard decisions for you … or maybe you were the weakest member of graduate architecture portfolio team jointly working on a project.

Most obviously, there is the graphic nature of how these pages are laid graduate architecture portfolio and how the information is presented. Even a dinosaur like me knows what parametric modeling looks like, and I can look at an evolution of decisions being made in how this work is presented.

These are very strong pages graphically, with the only apparent item of disconnect being that the bottom right lamp not being rotated to match the graphic directly above it.


Show me some sketches, maybe you built a kayak, restored an old car, maybe you take and develop your own pictures I know, who develops pictures anymore? If someone included a picture of a handmade Stormtrooper costume that they made, it would interest me.

Maybe you took wood shop graduate architecture portfolio learned how to turn wood on a lathe … anything, really.

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