Sturlese, R., “Arte della natura e arte della memoria in Giordano Bruno,” Rinascimento 40 , pp. – Sturlese, R., “Le fonti del Sigillus sigillorum di. Buy L'arte della memoria: Le ombre delle idee (Collana Mimesis) by Giordano Bruno (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices. mystical and anthropocentric perspective, Bruno only faces God through the infinity R. STURLESE, Arte della natura e arte della memoria in Giordano Bruno.


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Opere mnemotecniche, I | Giordano Bruno - Adelphi Edizioni

These techniques, or variants, are sometimes referred to as giordano bruno arte memoria method of loci"which is discussed in a separate section below. The primary source for the architectural mnemonic is the anonymous Rhetorica ad Herennium, a Latin work on rhetoric from the first century BCE.

It is unlikely that the technique originated with the author of the Ad Herennium.


The technique is also mentioned by Cicero and Quintilian. According to the account in the Ad Herennium Book III backgrounds or 'places' are giordano bruno arte memoria wax tablets, and the images that are 'placed' on or within them are like writing.

Real physical locations were apparently commonly used as the basis of memory places, as the author of the Giordano bruno arte memoria Herennium suggests it will be more advantageous to obtain backgrounds in a deserted than in a populous region, because the crowding and passing to and fro of people confuse and weaken the impress of the images, while solitude keeps their outlines sharp.

The author goes on to suggest if we are not content with our ready-made supply of backgrounds, we may in our imagination create a region for ourselves and obtain a most serviceable distribution of appropriate backgrounds.

This order itself organizes the giordano bruno arte memoria, preventing confusion during recall.

L'arte di Giordano Bruno: Memoria, Furore, Magia

The anonymous author also advises that places should be giordano bruno arte memoria lit, with orderly intervals, and distinct from one another. He recommends a virtual 'viewing distance' sufficient to allow the viewer to encompass the space and the images it contains with a single glance.

Turning to images, the anonymous author asserts giordano bruno arte memoria they are of two kinds: This was the basis for the subsequent distinction, commonly found in works on the art of memory, between 'memory for words' and 'memory for things'.

He provides the following famous example of a likeness based upon subject: Often we encompass the record of an entire matter by one notation, a single image. For example, the prosecutor has said that the defendant killed a man by poison, has giordano bruno arte memoria that the motive for the crime was an inheritance, and declared that there are many witnesses and accessories to this act.

Magic and Memory in Giordano Bruno: The Art of a Heroic Spirit - Manuel Mertens - Google Livros

If in order to facilitate our defense giordano bruno arte memoria wish to remember this first point, we shall in our first background form an image of the whole matter. We shall picture the man in question as lying ill in bed, if we know his person. If we do not know him, we shall yet take some one to be our invalid, but not a man of the lowest class, so that he giordano bruno arte memoria come to mind at once.

And we shall place the defendant at the bedside, holding in his right hand a cup, and in his left hand tablets, and on the fourth finger a ram's testicles Latin testiculi suggests testes or witnesses.

In this way we can record the man who was poisoned, the inheritance, and the witnesses. He notes however that the technique will not work without combination with rote memorization of the verse, so that the images call to mind the previously memorized words.

The architectural mnemonic was also related to the broader concept of learning and thinking.

Art of memory

Aristotle considered the technique in relation to topica, or conceptual areas or issues. In his Topics he suggested For just as in a person with a trained memory, a memory of things themselves is immediately caused by the mere mention of their places, so these habits too will make a man readier in reasoning, because he has his premisses classified before his mind's eye, each under its number.

Perhaps the most famous example of such giordano bruno arte memoria abstract giordano bruno arte memoria of 'places' is the memory system of Metrodorus of Scepsis, who was said by Quintilian to have organized his memory using a system giordano bruno arte memoria backgrounds in which he "found three hundred and sixty places in the twelve signs of the zodiac through which the sun moves".

Post and Yates believe it likely that Metorodorus organized his memory using places based in some way upon the signs of the zodiac.

Giordano Bruno: El arte de la memoria

During the period of migration of barbarian tribes and giordano bruno arte memoria transformation of the Roman empire the architectural mnemonic fell into disuse.

However the use of tables, charts and signs appears to have continued and developed independently. Mary Carruthers has made it clear that a trained memory occupied a central place in late antique and medieval pedagogy, and has documented some of the giordano bruno arte memoria in which the development of medieval memorial arts was intimately intertwined with the emergence of the book as we understand it today.

Examples of the development of the potential inherent in the graphical mnemonic include the lists and combinatory wheels of the Majorcan Ramon Llull.


Yates mentions Apollonius of Tyana and his reputation for memory, as well as the association between trained memory, astrology and divination.

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