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Up to now 14 subpopulations of Anchusa crispa are known to grow along the NW coasts of Sardinia and 6 in Corsica.


It generally grows on coarse sands and gravel germoplasma forestall it is often germoplasma forestall near estuaries within thermo-hygrophilous scrubland communities dominated by Tamarix africana 5.

The most common co-occurring species are Elytrigia juncea, Glaucium flavum, Ammophila arenaria subsp. How to recognise it?

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Anchusa crispa is a biannual or short-lived perennial, rarely annual herb, 10 to 35 cm tall. The ramified stem is germoplasma forestall at the base and then decumbent, and is covered with long erect and rigid hairs.

Banco de Germoplasma Forestal "Rancho Nuevo" - Government Building

The leaves are cm long, lanceolate and germoplasma forestall. Flowering occurs between March and June; the pale blue or purplish white for the Sardinian subpopulation of Porticciolo tubular flowers are grouped into loose alternate inflorescences.


The populations of Sardinia are now referred to two different subspecies, A. Slight differences have been detected also among western and eastern Corsican populations: Interesting facts Substrate features such as depth, nutrient-richness and humidity germoplasma forestall affect the vigour of the plants and their fertility.

germoplasma forestall

CATIE | The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center

The germoplasma forestall are achenes that perform short-distance dispersal by ants myrmecochory and, occasionally long-distance dispersal through cattle passage or by flowing down local streamlets.

Why is it threatened?

This plant has been recently assessed as Endangered at regional level both in Corse and in Sardinia. Considering germoplasma forestall available data, A. The surface-area occupied by all Corsican subpopulations is less than 5 ha; additionally, all of them are represented by few individuals, at least germoplasma forestall one in the north of the Gulf of Valinco and two on the eastern coast are severely decreasing and another one at Campitellu disappeared in All the conservation measures that have been applied up to now appear to be totally inadequate to reverse this trend.

Instituto Nacional de Innovación Agropecuaria y Forestal

Additionally, the fragmentation of populations increases their vulnerability to natural or anthropogenic disturbance. Exceptionally strong windstorms threat code Recreational activitiesgermoplasma forestall and road construction threat 4.


Roads and railroadsmanual or chemical plant removal near restaurants threat 5. Moreover, the construction of cement ditches along the roadsides threat 7. Selection, Conservation and use of genetic resources germoplasma forestall oak.

Lietuvos misku institutas, Liedykla "Lutute", Kaunas, Lituania. Lexique des Arbres Forestiers du Cambodge.

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