Increase project success, safety, and cost control through the unique synergy between advanced 3D modeling and geological interpretation. Geological modeling includes two parts of model construction and model generation. In model construction, it generates all the parameters (including formation framework, vertical curve components, and interpolation weights) for establishing 3D attribute models. A geological model is a spatial representation of the distribution of sediments and rocks in the subsurface.


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These can be rock types, physical characteristics, chemical assays, mineralogical groups, or a myriad of other data traits. Think regionally first, then model geological modeling to deposit scale Geological models should geological modeling be constructed from a wide regional perspective first, then modified and interpreted down to smaller areas of interest or deposit-scale.

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geological modeling All too often, geologists especially mine geologists interpret features or structures within an ore body incorrectly due to local-scale complexity while not realizing the regional tectonics or macro-scale setting.

For example, I was in a highly altered and deformed skarn ore body that contained high concentrations of talc and chlorite that resulted in extensive soft-sediment deformation from a geological modeling regional structure.

Pit mapping was highly complex, with structures discontinuous from one bench to the next. The structural controls on mineralization could actually be understood easily once you got out of the pit and grasped the regional structure.

CGG: Geological Modeling

As the regional structure entered the softer lithology within the deposit, the ore body behaved like faulted toothpaste and there was little hope of determining what was happening.

Fortunately, the micro-scale structure was irrelevant to the deposit economics and therefore irrelevant to the model. The reality of geological modeling quality structural data may make this step easier said than done, but constructing the structure skeleton first will help with interpretations and produce a more fundamentally sound model.

Additionally, relationships of alteration and mineralization usually become geological modeling clear and even predictable once you have a grasp of the structure. A similar philosophy should be taken when undertaking geological modeling.

  • Rules of Thumb for Geological Modeling | Mining Geology HQ
  • Rules of Thumb for Geological Modeling
  • Geological modelling and interpretation

The geological modeling explanation of geologic complexity is usually more correct than an overly sophisticated and complex interpretation. For example, there may be second order parasitic folding present in an ore body that geological modeling geologically interesting but irrelevant for bench-scale mining.

Geological Modeling

In cases like this, keep it simple geological modeling unless it affects the mine plan or the business, it should not be modeled.

Often times in exploration and mining, geologists are overly focused on the ore body and fail to geological modeling sufficient time to characterize or even understand major waste units. Datasets we work with We ensure fast, intuitive, and accurate 3D earth models, regardless of your data types.


We work with geological, geophysical, geochemical, and geotechnical data geological modeling standard mining industry formats: Expertise and experience Our team of experts We know the best practices for modelling and interpreting challenging datasets.

With years of experience carrying out complex projects, we are specialists in finding innovative ways geological modeling provide our clients with a clear understanding of their geological environment.

Geologic modelling - Wikipedia

We provide focused solutions for successful exploration targeting, resource modelling, and geotechnical hazard estimation. We have the expertise to increase the value and reduce the limitations of the available data.

geological modeling


Geological modeling the existing datasets with a proper integration framework has proved repeatedly to be a cost-effective way of adding value to projects.

The graphical user interface generally consists of one or several 3D and 2D graphics windows to visualize spatial data, interpretations and modelling output.

Geological Modelling & Interpretation Consulting | Mira Geoscience

Such visualization is generally achieved by exploiting graphics hardware. User interaction is mostly performed through geological modeling and keyboard, although 3D pointing devices and immersive environments may be used in some specific cases.

Geometric objects are represented with parametric curves and surfaces or discrete geological modeling such as polygonal meshes. Therefore, Geological modeling has a close connection to Geostatistics and Inverse problem theoryApplying of the recent developed Multiple Point Geostatistical Simulations MPS for integrating different data sources, [7] Automated geometry optimization and topology conservation [8] History[ edit ] In the 70's, geomodelling mainly consisted of automatic 2D cartographic techniques such as contouring, implemented as FORTRAN routines communicating directly with plotting hardware.

The advent of workstations with 3D graphics capabilities during the 80's gave birth to a new generation of geomodelling software with graphical user interface which became mature during the 90's.

Geologic modelling software[ edit ] Software developers have built several packages for geologic modelling purposes. Such software can display, edit, digitise and automatically calculate the parameters required geological modeling engineers, geologists and surveyors.

Current software is mainly developed and commercialized by oil geological modeling gas or mining industry software vendors: Geologic modelling and visualisation.

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