Larry Chamers, Gary Linderer, and Jim Schwartz Company L Rangers Gary Linderer is the publisher of Behind the Lines, a magazine that specializes in US military special operations. He served in Vietnam with. View Gary Linderer's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Gary has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn.


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We asked him for a copy of his DD years ago. He refuses to gary linderer one. Perhaps others will have better luck getting a copy from him. Even better, if his Official List of Awards is gary linderer, then Mr.


Linderer should sign a Standard Form authorizing the National Personnel Records Center to release a copy of his complete military record. Gary linderer would settle the issue, once and for all.

The extremities of battle can cause a man or now a woman to commit acts that they regret at the very instant the deed was done. Linderer's version of events concerning what happened on 20 November during a patrol Mr.

Linderer in his books and interviews, and in the books some of his colleagues have written the we-stick-together grouphis team engaged in a battle with a very large number of enemy soldiers after having ambushed and killed a group of what he describes as NVA staff officers and NVA nurses.

Records that were gary linderer at the st Division level, of which Mr. Read the records and make your own decision about what really happened, or didn't happen. Also read what was written about the 4 November patrol and compare it with the records.

Gary Linderer | Penguin Random House

He claims he was awarded two Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat in Vietnam. If his official record gary linderer St. The stories are from real soldiers that witnessed the Vietnam War first hand. He explains that most of the missions these men did resulted in no combat, just reconnaissance.

One of the most serious refutations concerns what actually occurred on 20 November when Gary Linderer and his team ambushed and killed what he and his fellow authors described in their books as an armed group of NVA staff officers and nurses.

What actually happened is that they ambushed and killed a group of unarmed female rice porters who had gary linderer ordered by the VC to carry rice to them. Village elders from several villages had come to the st Airborne Division to ask for help because a group of about 30 VC had been terrorizing their three villages, forcing them gary linderer provide rice.


Just as the terrorists in Iraq have done, the VC threatened the villagers with death if they gary linderer do what they were told. Linderer was on one of those teams.

Gary Linderer: man with a past he'd like to hide

Gary linderer writes that on 20 Novemberhis team ambushed and killed the small group about 8 or 9 of NVA staff officers and nurses.

He writes that later that day, he and his team had to fight off hundreds of NVA and VC, killing over of them until the ground ran red gary linderer blood and the bodies were stacked high, losing several of their own team members in the process.

Gary linderer team members were severely wounded, supposedly as a result of this battle, including Linderer himself. He claims to have won 2 Purple Hearts for the wounds he suffered that day—one Purple Heart for a wound to one leg and another Purple Heart for a wound to his other leg.

Similar authors to follow

Gary linderer explains winning two Silver Stars using the same type of reasoning, i. The records do not back up any of this. He has no Purple Hearts, for that day's combat, or for any other combat wounds.

The ambush of the small group of "armed" "NVA staff officers and nurses" on the morning of 20 November was actually an gary linderer in broad daylight on a group of unarmed female rice porters from a nearby village, all of whom were killed, though according to their books, one of the women took awhile to die.

  • Gary Linderer: man with a past he'd like to hide
  • Six Silent Men by Gary A. Linderer
  • Six Silent Men by Gary A. Linderer
  • Eyes of the Eagle
  • Six Silent Men
  • Six Silent Men

The night before, according to their books, Linderer and the rest of gary linderer main "heavy team" of Lurps LRPs of which he was a part, had let the 30 VC who gary linderer been their primary objective go by unmolested.

Instead, the next day, Linderer's man team ambushed the rice-carrying women.

Phantom Warriors: Book I: LRRPs, LRPs, and Rangers in Vietnam

If a battle of that size had actually occurred, and a man Long Range Patrol team had actually fought off such an onslaught, it would have been big news back in the Gary linderer States. No such battle occurred according to anything in the st divisional records.

Linderer, being of lower rank and not having team leadership responsibility, was not aware that these types of contemporaneous records were kept at a gary linderer level and that these records documented on a daily basis all reports of activity out in the gary linderer.

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