Parasite genus: Gyrodactylus; Parasite species: spp. Host genus: Gambusia; Host species: yucatana; Location: mexico; Show parasites; Show parasite grouping. : Archived Auction # fwlivebearersw - Gambusia Yucatana- Cenote Azul - Ended: Mon Apr 8 Etymology: Gambusia: Gambusia: From the Cuban term, Gambusino, which means "nothing", usually in the context of a joke or a farce. Fishing for gambusinos.


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It is aimed at students and researchers interested in fish swimming from any organismal background, be it biomechanics, ecomorphology, physiology, behavior or ecology. Globally, there are forty-two species gambusia yucatana the genus Gambusia, three of gambusia yucatana are found in Mexican waters, all in the Atlantic.

They are light olive with large dark brown spots scattered in several rows on their sides.


They have a dark bar under their eyes that does gambusia yucatana extend into the gill cover. Laboratory rearing has demonstrated that the characters utilized to differentiate the subspecies are not the result of environmental induction of phenotypes.


Cholinesterases in Gambusia yucatana: Since several reports have indicated that cholinesterases ChE type and gambusia yucatana is species specific and that in some species there is a relationship among gender, size and ChE activities, characterization has been suggested.

Males have bright orange caudal fins with two or three rows of dark spots. Their gambusia yucatana is robust and depressed with a small terminal slightly oblique mouth.

They have a projecting lower jaw that opens at the front and is equipped with an outer row of large backward curved teeth and several rows gambusia yucatana small pointed teeth.

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