conservation and sustainable uses of natural resources Forest Management, Wildlife Conservation, National Board for Wildlife, National. and present forestry practices on forest wildlife are considered. It is useful to draw a distinction between intensive wildlife conservation and extensive wildlife. Forests also provide habitat for a vast array of plants and animals, many of which are still Forests are home to 80% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity. and the conservation, sustainable management of forests, and enhancement of forest.


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These wildlife and forest certificate programs are open to students straight out of high school, or to employed forestry workers who wish to beef up their scientific knowledge. Certificate programs like typically entail 18 to 20 credit hours, and can be completed in one or two semesters.

If so, it will be a Forester climbing the ladder and keeping forest and wildlife conservation.

What is the difference between forestry and wildlife conservation? - Quora

Is there an actual fire raging somewhere? It will be a fire-fighting Forester that gets out there with rakes, chainsaws, shovels to tamp out the flames or to cut fire breaks. He may even be wearing a mask and a tank on his back to breathe while in the smoke.

Foresters might work for the US Forest Service, which is a federal government agency. Or for state agencies in State Parks. Or they forest and wildlife conservation work for private timber companies. These sound forest and wildlife conservation the bad guys, but they are necessary.

Wildlife conservation - Wikipedia

We need wood and lumber, after all, to keep building America. The Foresters are there to ensure that it is done well and responsibly. They study agriculture and horticulture, insect pests and diseases, rainfall and weather, forest and wildlife conservation and run-off.

These are just a few of the duties that Foresters may do. Wildlife conservation is forest and wildlife conservation about spreading the word about the necessity for biodiversity and the importance of forests and wildlife.

An example to help you understand, bees are essential for the pollination of flowers. Most of the fruits we eat are born because of the hard-working nature of the bees.

It is said that if the bees were to go extinct then almost a third of the fruits we eat would be off our shelves.


When we conserve and protect the natural habitat of wildlife species, we enrich our planet. But keeping animals in a zoo is not beneficial for either the forest or the animal.

Wildlife conservation

To truly enrich our planet the wildlife must be allowed to flourish in their natural habitat. Habitat loss due to destruction, fragmentation and degradation of habitat is the primary threat to the survival of wildlife.

Global warming is making hot days hotter, rainfall and flooding heavier, hurricanes stronger and droughts more severe. This intensification of weather and climate extremes will be the most visible impact of global warming in our everyday forest and wildlife conservation.

It is also causing dangerous changes to the landscape of our world, adding stress to wildlife species and their habitat. Since many types of plants and animals have specific habitat requirements, climate change could cause disastrous loss of wildlife species.

Free sample essay on Forest and Wildlife Conservation

A slight drop or rise in average rainfall will translate into large seasonal changes. Hibernating mammalsreptilesforest and wildlife conservation and insects are harmed and disturbed.

Plants and wildlife are sensitive to moisture change so, they will be harmed by any change in moisture level.

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