Choice 1. Act on the Important. Don't React to the Urgent. Is your day bursting at the seams with everything you feel must be done? Do you have a methodology. Kory Kogon and 2 more. About the Kindle Edition. The time management experts at FranklinCovey share their five critical techniques for avoiding distractions and paying focused attention to our most important goals and tasks in our daily lives: This. Your Healthy Brain. October 14, Would you agree that your brain is your most important tool that you will use today? Now, if you are Read More >.


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The 5 Choices: Achieving Extraordinary Productivity Without Getting Buried Alive

Utilizing the tools and recommendations provided will give you greater success at work five choices even more importantly, greater health and balance in everyday life. It puts a lot of complex research in an accessible, digestible, and practical set of steps that can help people be more productive everywhere.

As an executive for a large company, working mom and the wife of a NCAA Division I five choices coach, I constantly feel like I am swimming upstream—up early, getting kids to school, business travel, conference calls, meetings, after-school activities, and community events.

While recovering from a serious horseback riding accident I read The 5 Choices and have applied its timeless principles, tips and techniques for managing my life, not just my work or time. I have had great results, which have allowed me to spend more time with family, coach my work team, and recover my health.

five choices If you live a hectic life or you want to be more fulfilled The 5 Choices is a must read. Mostly this seems five choices Franklin Covey Inc. They embrace the digital here, though they stop short of making any specific software suggestions.

My big peeve is that Franklin Covey still has not managed to develop and market an iPad app that would replace the old paper planner.

Several other entities have attempted it but none of them actually work five choices a Franklin Planner. I don't understand five choices Franklin Covey can't get this done when they have been promising it for years.


Did they not write it down in their planners? In the meantime, maybe some of the suggestions in this book will be five choices.


Technology allows anyone who feels like it, anywhere in the five choices, to drop something into our digital inbox, requiring us to respond, even if only to say no. The tech-enabled, hyper-paced nature of our work has impacted our lives to such a degree five choices people feel overwhelmed like never before.

The productivity paradox revolves around three critical challenges: We are making more decisions than ever.


The productivity challenge is that the velocity of incoming issues demanding a decision is almost overwhelming. And what most five choices do--because they are committed, hard-working people--is they try to handle this flow in a linear way.

They make decisions as needed, handling them one at a time as well and fast five choices they can, and then moving on to the next one--like an assembly line.

The problem is that high-value opportunities don't come in a predictable order. They five choices nonlinear, and if we are not aware, we might miss them entirely, or address them only in a rushed, low-quality way. Our attention is under unprecedented attack.

The 5 Choices: Achieving Extraordinary Productivity Without Getting Buried Alive by Kory Kogon

While we are trying to make these decisions, our attention is under five choices attack. All the beeps, buzzes, and banners that invade our mental five choices come at a cost to our ability to focus on the things that really matter. We are suffering from a personal energy crisis.

With today's technology-enabled unstoppable flow of everything coming at us, we can often feel so worn out and tired that we face our own personal energy crisis.

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