Final Fantasy III is a role-playing video game developed and published by Square in for .. Reviews of the DS remake of Final Fantasy III have been mostly positive, with the game holding an aggregate score of 77% on GameRankings. Welcome to IGN Guide's complete walkthrough for Final Fantasy III DS. Please keep in mind that the walkthrough, generally, goes in sequential  ‎Goldor Manor · ‎Walkthrough part 3 · ‎Walkthrough part 4 - Final · ‎Kazus & Canaan. Walkthroughs of Final Fantasy III: NES walkthrough by Chocolancer DS walkthrough by Hexedmagica DS walkthrough by Rocking Chair DS Job walkthrough by.


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Walkthrough:Final Fantasy III

On that continent, final fantasy iii ds walkthrough circle of Gulgans, a race of blind soothsayers and fortune-tellers, predicted that these events will ultimately repeat. However, they are Freelancers in the remakes, which also individualized the party members, giving them unique appearances designed by Akihiko Yoshidabackstories, personalities and names: Appearing in a female-like form, the Cloud of Darkness refers to herself in first-person plural because her two tentacles have minds of their own.

Although she initially defeats the Light Warriors, they are resurrected with Unei and Doga's help. Then, with help from the Dark Warriors, they defeat the Cloud of Darkness, saving the world. Story[ edit ] An earthquake opens up a previously hidden cavern in Altar Cave near the village of Ur on the floating continent.

Four young orphans under the care of Topapa, the village elder, explore the earthquake's impact and come across a crystal of light. The crystal grants them a portion of its power, final fantasy iii ds walkthrough instructs them to go forth and restore balance to the world.

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Not knowing what to make of the crystal's pronouncements, but nonetheless recognizing the importance of its words, the four inform their adoptive family of their mission and set out to explore an overworld outside the area in which they were brought up, in order final fantasy iii ds walkthrough bring balance back to the world.

In the world below, they discover a warlock named Xande, one of three apprentices to the legendary Archmage Noah, is trying to possess the crystals of light, so as to bring forth chaos and disorder.

The four warriors eventually arrive at the Crystal Final fantasy iii ds walkthrough where they discover that the Cloud of Darkness is the source of the recent events.

Final Fantasy III FAQ/Walkthrough for DS by KeyBlade - GameFAQs

The Cloud attempts to create a similar situation to the Flood of Light a millennia earlier so that the world is pulled into the void.

The Light Warriors traverse into final fantasy iii ds walkthrough domain of the dark crystals to free the imprisoned Dark Warriors and defeat the Cloud of Darkness, thereby restoring the crystals and balance to the world.

In the DS remake, there are also several "side quests" that can also be completed.


In the remakes, Luneth goes to the Altar Cave alone, but while exploring he trips and falls into a hole created by the earthquake.

He is then beset by goblins, and while he is frantically searching for a way out, he comes upon a room, where he is ambushed by a Final fantasy iii ds walkthrough Turtle.

Perfect game guide? :: FINAL FANTASY III General Discussions

After defeating it, he finds the Wind Crystal, which tells him that he has been chosen as a Warrior of Light, destined to restore balance to the world, and there are three final fantasy iii ds walkthrough like him, but before Luneth can ask it to elaborate, he is teleported to the surface.

Final fantasy iii ds walkthrough returns to Ur, but Elder Topapa does not elucidate much on the matter besides stating that someone had brought him to Topapa.

Going to a corner of town, Luneth finds his friend Arc being bullied by some of the kids. When Luneth intervenes, the kids run away, with Arc running away to Kazus, proving that he is not scared of ghosts.

Luneth chases Arc to Kazus and, upon reuniting with Arc, discovers that the rumors of a curse on Kazus are not false. The people there are see-through, and one such person, Cid of Final fantasy iii ds walkthrough, instructs the two boys to take his airship and look for Refia, the mythril smith Takka's adoptive daughter.

They find her on the airship, and accompany her to Castle Sasune as per her suggestion. There, they meet Ingus, a soldier of Sasune who had been away during the curse's happening.

He joins the trio after an audience with the king, who instructs them to find his daughter, Sara. They catch up to her in the Final fantasy iii ds walkthrough Cave behind a wall that could only be accessible by interacting with 'the skeleton key.

As it transpires, the wind crystal had summoned the four youths in order to grant them a portion of its power which allows you access to the jobs Thief, Warrior, Black Mage, White Mage, and Red Mage.

Final Fantasy III - Wikipedia

After this, Luneth and company reunite with Sara at Castle Sasune. She completes the process of dispelling the Djinn's curse by tossing the ring into a fountain of water underneath final fantasy iii ds walkthrough castle, but becomes depressed when Luneth reveals that he and his companions must leave at once.

After Sara stops crying long enough to see them off, they go back to Kazus, where Takka drags Refia home. The three boys consult with Cid, then with Takka, who builds a mythril ram on the ship.


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