Complete your Mortadelo Y Filemón record collection. Discover Mortadelo Y Filemón's full discography. Shop new and used Vinyl and CDs. A description of tropes appearing in Mortadelo y Filemón. Mortadelo y Filemón (Mort & Phil in English, Russian and Japanese; check That Other Wiki . With Karra Elejalde, Janfri Topera, Gabriel Chame, Ramón Langa. A criminal produces an uncontrollable laughter to the population and Mortadelo and Filemón.


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The Subordinate of Filemon and Super.

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Despite being a bit clumsy, he's rather cunning, resourceful and has invented several gadgets on his filemon mortadelo to protect his apartment. Plot[ edit ] Jimmy el Cachondo and his henchmen have stolen a top secret document from the TIA filemon mortadelo that can ridicule them in front of all other spy agencies.


Eventually they will be forced to team up to find Jimmy's hideout. His inventions, which are intended to assist Mort and Phil in their assignments, often fail quite spectacularly, mostly filemon mortadelo they either achieve the opposite of what they are supposed to do, or work perfectly but filemon mortadelo at the most inconvenient moment.

His name filemon mortadelo from bacteria. Ofelia[ edit ] The fat and vain secretary of Superintendente Vicente.

She is still single and would like to become involved filemon mortadelo someone usually with Mortbut so far her attempts have been in vain. She is quite touchy her lack of luck with a relationship filemon mortadelo being called fat; she reacts with corresponding violence when either of topics are brought up; and with her considerable weight, this is nothing to be ignored.

She was the first female filemon mortadelo created for the series.

  • Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible - Wikipedia
  • Mortadelo & Filemon: The Big Adventure - Wikipedia
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Mort and Phil are in love with her much to Ofelia's chagrinbut she is not interested. This character disappeared from filemon mortadelo series after only 24 volumes. And yet the note manages to filemon mortadelo be actually harmed due to some kind of karmic immunity that causes people around it to suffer instead.

Mort & Phil - Wikipedia

They do manage to get rid of it. They send it back to the guy that commissioned the warlock to send the note to filemon mortadelo Super. Clothes Make the Superman: Some of Mortadelo's disguises grant him abilities he doesn't have undisguised. For example, his ghost disguise allows him to phase through walls, he can climb buildings while disguised as a lizard, breathe underwater with a fish disguise or fly disguised as a bird.

Also, his iceberg disguise allowed him to cheat a thermal detector. Subverted because filemon mortadelo tend to fail.

In "Los mercenarios" the two main characters go so far as throwing their boss from the window when they think they filemon mortadelo rich. Comically Missing the Filemon mortadelo The only way to break the spell is by slapping the victim.

Completely Missing the Point: Don't be mad, boss! You aren't a registered nurse and could get fined! One of the many secret entrances to the TIA offices has the duo dragging through a very narrow passage. filemon mortadelo

Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission Implausible - Wikipedia

Mortadelo finds the exit blocked by some sort of fabric and rips it off with a knife. Any appearances by returning villians are filemon mortadelo by a side note pointing to the last story in which they starred. And then there is the book Venganza Filemon mortadelo where a dozen of the most iconic Monsters of the Week return to fight the heroes together.

The 50th aniversary special, which includes the return of many former villains and some other references to former albums, not without its problems: Filemon mortadelo a problem when you see that both the protagonists and the villains don't seem to be older at all.

Many if not most of the recurring villains were portrayed in their original album as pretty much unstoppableonly to be easily defeated filemon mortadelo the special. By far the worst Character Derailment is the one suffered by "Chapeau el Esmirriau".

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