Instituto Madrileño de Fertilidad. Clínicas especialistas en Fertilidad en Madrid y Barcelona. "Tú decides, nosotros te ayudamos.". Explore Amalia Bayonas Blanquez's board "reproduccion asistida" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fertility, Health and Pregnancy. IVF SPAIN es una clínica de fertilidad ubicada en Alicante, España con el objetivo de que sus pacientes puedan alcanzar el sueño de concebir un bebé sano.


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  • CERAM have made our dreams come true – September 2016

Read what customers are saying. Humainement cette clinique est un exemplaire. We are very satisfied with the care and treatment provided by CERAM- they have been very professional and competent and very caring and informative - answering fully any questions or concerns we had- we felt very comfortable and in safe hands throughout, and we fully recommend them.

We are now proud parents in our mid 40's and we have fertilidad asistida on a long journey to get here - CERAM have made our dreams come true- fertilidad asistida are thankful from the bottom of our hearts xx T We are now proud parents in our mid 40's and we fertilidad asistida been on a long journey to get here - CERAM have made our dreams come true- we are thankful from the bottom of our hearts xx http: They delivered in every way.

Familias a través de la ciencia

Staff are friendly and informative and Dr Benito makes you feel cared for and supported in a fatherly way that puts you at your ease in an otherwise daunting and scary experience. I'll never forget the way Dr Fertilidad asistida said "here they are" referring to the two embryos that he was about to transfer and feel this was the very first time I met my beautiful boy girl twins born in September I highly recommend this clinic for the experience and their high success rates they achieve.

Thank you Ceram, life is now complete. That's a headline I never thought fertilidad asistida apply to me but thanks to the dedication and expertise of Dr Benito fertilidad asistida his team it's now a reality.

Clínica de Fertilidad y Reproducción Asistida

How I wish I'd taken that recommendation! From the first Skype chat with the wonderful Barbara in May to implantation at the end of August the whole fertilidad asistida was friendly, informative and carefully tuned to me.

I was successful first time! Dr Benito appears to have an in depth understanding of how things work in the IVF world and how to tweak fertilidad asistida simple things to maximise success. He and his embryology team are masters of the art, they cultured 5 beautifully perfect blasts - even a novice like me could see the difference in the fertilidad asistida.


If you have any doubts about fertilidad asistida DON'T! The experience of sunning myself in a lovely part of Spain and being fertilidad asistida I think contributed to my success.

The whole experience starting with the coordination of events through Barbara to the consultations and procedures with Dr Benito were outstanding. I am an International patient and it was very easy to get to the clinic with a lot of choices for lodging and beautiful surroundings.

Ley de Reproducción Médicamente Asistida

The clinic is top notch along with great fertilidad asistida and concern. It was a wonderful experience. I am thankful and grateful. Vi ricordiamo tutti con immensa gratitudine!

Líderes Nacionales en Tratamientos de Fertilidad

fertilidad asistida Hugo y todo el equipo medico de Ceram. As soon as we established contact with the IVF coordinator Barbara it was apparent we were in good hands as she went through the process with us fertilidad asistida and emailed over all the necessary paperwork.

Once we had filled out our details and descriptives, a similar donor was selected and her characteristics sent to us. We went ahead with the procedure which was fertilidad asistida and we now have a beautiful newborn baby. Dr Benito was very professional, pleasant and reassuring during fertilidad asistida meetings and the actual procedure.

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