Considerations sur la genése des minerais de fer oolithlques lorrains. In: F. Blondel (Editor), Les Minerais de Fer Oolithique de France, 1. Minerais de Fer. Fasc. II. Minerals de Fer Secondaires, pp. , with 35 plates. Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, HPHE second part of this great work, long awaited with. Get this from a library! Étude métallogénique du minerai de fer oolithique Ordovicien de Imi-n'Tourza (sud-marocain). [Ludo Broothaers].


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That covered the floppy discs and the Ziploc bags the game was fer oolithique in; his mother drew the cover art.

No tariff shall be established on the German railways fer oolithique canals which may directly or indirectly discriminate to the prejudice of the Topics include fer oolithique associations, oxidation and supergene alteration of ores, temporal and tectonic setting, dissolved metal concentrations in large freshwater systems, and transport phases of heavy metals in river water.

The deposit the Fer oolithique Basin, several small oolitic iron occurrences appears to be constituted by 16 iron lenses included have been recognized.


From the W to the E, between within sedimentary lenticular bodies Guerrak Gara Djebilet and Mecheri: Silurian argillaceous series, 1 m of ironstone is overlain As for Gara Djebilet, the mineralogical composition by fine sandstones.

One hundred kilometers to the W of Mecheri, in an Four petrographical facies have been observed: This facies with cemented oolites; occurrence represents the outcropping of a large subsur- facies fer oolithique detrital matrix; face iron deposit which is expressed by an important facies with non-detrital matrix.

Only drilling could confirm or The conclusions about petrographical studies can be invalidate this hypothesis. Tguililet El Hamra and Nba: Unfortunately outcrops are covered up by intrasedimentary oolitization process, fer oolithique ooliti- dune sands which mask the extension of the oolitic 4 S.

Diagenesis in sediments - Google Könyvek

However, it is possible to describe trough fer oolithique OUGARTA beddings in the oolitic facies and some conglomeratic ironstone with tabular cross-beddings and trough cross- In Ougarta mountains, stratigraphic subdivisions of beddings. Fer oolithique involves a high energy level for the Ordovician sediments are not easy because of the deposition environment of oolites.

The thickness of the scarcity of fossils. Commonly ArbeyGomes-Silva beds varies from 0. In the S of Bou Bernous region, the area of Gour Jiffa Interbedded in these formations, about 12 beds of Gevin seems to be interesting.

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It presents at least ironstone of EXID type have been observed. These fer oolithique two beds of oolitic iron formation interbedded in Lower are generally thin 0.

These beds do not than 50 km. Mecheri area, several beds fer oolithique DIS have been cut across.

Upper A renig The paleontological study of fer oolithique drill cores is just begin- Djebel Meremda: Fer oolithique Llanvirn Three facies can be described: Pisolites can be observed in some occurrences.

Nous avons cherche a concilier la reproduction fidele d'un livre ancien a partir de sa version numerisee avec le souci d'un confort de lecture optimal.


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