FENDER Performer Amp is a watt tube/solid state combo with specially designed Fender 12" speaker.. This offer includes Manual/documentation only - no hardware included. Topics: Specs-Parts Lists/Assembly: PCB-Chassis-Cabinet-Footswitch, Schematics-Service Diagram. fender performer Full Text Matches - Check >> Scantif, , Fender BANDMASTER AB Guitar Amp Schematic, Electrical diagram. Hi, can anyone help me locte a copy of a Fender Performer Amp Manual. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark.


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Fender Amplifier Schematics

This didn't happen when any other components are gently prodded, tapped, or wiggled. I fender performer 1000 schematic maybe a dry joint, so I removed the board to resolder this joint. Upon removing the board, I noticed some discolouring on the board.

The discolouring lines up with what I believe are two 16V 5W zener diodes. Could it be my guitar causing the crackling?


The crackling seems like it might be related to right when I hit fender performer 1000 schematic chord on the guitar It seems like maybe the crackling occurs right after the strings are struck, but I am not sure it wouldn't occur during in the middle of a sustained note However, when I unplug my guitar from the amp and tap on the amp it seems like the crackle is still there, so that would seem to indicate it is not the guitar.

I also wonder if the input jack on the amp could be the problem? The jack makes a cracking sound when I take it out while the amp is on, but I am not sure that is anything fender performer 1000 schematic Using a 3-conductor stereo cord will provide a quasi-balanced signal and a 2-conductor mono cord will provide an unbalanced signal.

When hooking up this line out to my audio interface, the signal will be distorted ie on a gain setting if fender performer 1000 schematic amp is on a gain setting. This presents a problem.

I want to record a clean tone either direct to my interface or routed through the amp to the interface while at the same time recording with a mic to the cabinent a distorted tone.

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However, the line out on this head will not seem to output a clean tone if the amp is on a distorted channel? Lately, his amp was switching channels by itself, producing crackling noises and seemed to have two modes of distortion other than the red and yellow settings and the same problem yours fender performer 1000 schematic.

To repair that problem, first all of the solder connections need to be examined under a lighted magnifier and resoldered if any cracks are fender performer 1000 schematic.


Second, scraping away the coating over the circuit traces to the pads where the component leads are soldered to to extend soldering from the leads of the components that get really hot to further down the copper trace. And you fender performer 1000 schematic see the dark green areas where the overheating occurs.

Make sure there is a good solid soldered connection at these points even if you have to use flux or the tip of your iron in an attempt to rub off the oxidized coatings on the component leads on the foil side of fender performer 1000 schematic PCB or just use a knife to scrape the leads, then solder.

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