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This belief includes that we must not name or qualify Farkhanda noor islamiat except with what He and His Messenger have named or qualified Him.

None can be named or qualified with the names or qualifications of Allah, for example Karim, Raheem, Rehman etc.

We must believe in all the qualities of Allah which He has stated in His Book or mentioned through His Messenger without changing, twisting or ignoring their meaning. The acknowledgement of Tauheed is the fundamental belief in Islam and is the basis of salvation farkhanda noor islamiat.

The basic message of all the prophets was the same i. All the previous scriptures preached the Unity of Allah but due to alterations made in their text over the passage of time, the doctrine set of farkhanda noor islamiat of Tauheed was changed.

Islamiat for students

We cannot see Allah but His existence is confirmed when we ponder over the universe, that such farkhanda noor islamiat organized and well coordinated world could not have come into existence on its own; just like a letter cannot be written without an author.

You will not see any flaw in what the Lord of mercy creates. Can you see any flaw? Your sight will turn back to you, weak and defeated. In religious sense it means associating partners with Allah. Given the fact that the proclamation of Tauheed is the first pillar of Islam and Tauheed itself is the first principle of Islam, farkhanda noor islamiat begins o understand why Shirk is so strongly criticized and why.

Islamiyat O'Level Notes

Hence to associate others with Allah is to go against the most basic instincts of the human species. It is, so to speak, to go against human nature. This article of faith purifies the belief in farkhanda noor islamiat unity of Allah. Allah has appointed many of His Angels for the management of this Universe.

Angels have been created from light and are not visible to ordinary mortals. They belong to the category of the unseen unless they appear in human form.

They perform their assigned duties according to the Decree order of God. Allah describes their farkhanda noor islamiat submission to Him in the following words: The Angels were also appointed duties in the human form; they appeared before Abraham to give him the glad tidings farkhanda noor islamiat a son.

Hazrat Lut was also warned about impending doom of his town. Hazrat Maryam was also blessed with the news of a Holy son by an angel Gabriel. Hazrat Zakriya also experienced the same farkhanda noor islamiat of visiting of an angel.

Angels are Allah's creation having necessary powers and qualities.

Islamiat For Student by Muhammad Farkhanda Noor ::

They are not His daughters nor are they objects of worship. They have no knowledge except that what Allah has taught them. They prostrated before Adam when Allah commanded them to do so. Angels glorify and farkhanda noor islamiat Allah.


They never get tired.

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