Task 2: Make sentences in the passive form using the following elements. Task 3: Say if the following sentences are in the active (A) or passive voice (P). Learn about the French passive voice, the action described by the verb is being done to the subject by an agent. La voix active et la voix passive - exercices. French VerbsFrench LessonsPhrasesActive VoiceFleGrammarThe ShapeLanguageExercises.


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Voz activa/voz pasiva (voix active /voix passive)

Complete the blanks with a verb in the passive or the active voice. White parents drag … their children out of the school.

Ruby escort … by her new teacher to a classroom on the second floor. Mr Evans was appointed secretary. She was called a witch by the villagers. She was considered strange.


A new hospital is going to be built. The room will be cleaned.

French Passive Voice - Lawless French Grammar

I am paid my salary every month. Sarah was shown exercises voix passive photographs. If certain verbs describe a condition, the object is preceded by de instead. Le conducteur de la voiture est connu de la police. The driver of the car is known to the police.


Here are some examples between the passive and active voice. I the subject was promoted the passive verb by my boss the agent. To say it in an active voice, you say: My boss the subject promoted the active verb me the object.

You see the difference? Most exercises voix passive the time, however, when the passive voice is used in sentence construction, the agent or the doer of the action is often not mentioned or is unknown.

But be careful, not all verbs can be used in the passive with get - only verbs for talking about an action or a change. She was knocked off exercises voix passive bike by a bus.

Active or Passive Quiz | Grammar | EnglishClub

Charlie Chaplin was loved by millions. Charlie Chaplin got loved by millions. Get active, and identify whether the sentences below are in exercises voix passive or passive voice!

For more information, check out our article on active voice, passive voice, voice.

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