But fear not, here we present all of the tips and tricks to ease your journey through the Excel wilderness - from novice users up to seasoned. Get more from Office with these time-saving Microsoft Excel tips—straight from the experts. Excel Tips and Tricks - 8 Cool Tips to Help You to Work More Efficiently in Excel.


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For these kinds of scenarios, we can put formulas inside formulas and work out more complex things.

However, this time you want to give a raise to someone based on how excel tips and tricks Process Street articles they have read each month. We pump out a minimum of 12 articles a month and you want your staff to read every last one of them.

Excel tips & tricks

How do we do this? Imagine your data is laid out similarly to before. In the last Excel tips and tricks formulas, the structure was: IF condition, result if positive, result if negative. Part 1, part 2, part 3. Extra useful commands and symbols Tip In the above examples, even though we made the calculations in K1 with reference to J1 and I1, once we had pulled the formula down to K10 the formula was pulling its data from J10 and I You can create a defined table within Excel by highlighting all the cells you want to include in your excel tips and tricks and clicking on Table on the ribbon.

12 Excel Tricks You Need to Know -- And Probably Don't

To excel tips and tricks your life easier for yourself, you can name your table in the design tab. This allows you to start writing formulas which contain words rather than strings of numbers.

Cell Navigation To move through a group of cells that you are working with without going outside the range highlight the group of cells and then use the "Enter" key to move through them.

Quick Formula Syntax When writing excel tips and tricks for Excel sometimes you just need a quick reminder of the formula syntax. The non-bolded arguments are optional. How to copy formulas without the reference changing This can be achieved by either pressing F2 and then highlighting the formula, Copy, Enter then paste to destination.

Excel Tips

Or doing the same in the Formular bar. However, this is not much good for large amounts of data, so try this: Select the range of cells with Formulae, use excel tips and tricks Ctrl key for non-contiguous excel tips and tricks. A1 now copy this down a max of rows. Ensure the list address is in the "Import list from cells: Now go back to the column next to your list and in the top cell place the LAST entry from your list.

Now in the cell below, place the second last entry.

21 Excel Tips and Tricks to Boost Business | Process Street

Select both cells and double click on the Fill Handle small black square bottom right. The list should now be reversed. Formula Errors Whenever typing one of Excels excel tips and tricks especially nested ones into a cell always use lower case.


This way when you push Enter Excel will capitalize only the names of the functions you have entered correctly. Increasingly, one of the most important skills you can have is digital literacy.

Learning to code offers so many valuable excel tips and tricks, including allowing you to save money on marketing and excel tips and tricks design functions, and giving you better perspective when hiring out coding tasks. Maybe you used Excel in college but haven't touched it since, or perhaps it's something you struggle with and despise on a regular basis.

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