Translate El camino del guerrero. See Spanish-English translations with audio pronunciations, examples, and word-by-word explanations. Por el camino, se detuvo. Estaba convencido de que, de encontrar a cualquier otro, sólo tendría que dar la alarma y alguien acudiría armado, pudiendo así. El Camino Del Guerrero - Guerrero Negro - free sheet music and tabs for fingered bass, distortion guitar and overdrive guitar. Learn this song on Jellynote with.


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The phoenix rises again. The classic lineup returns, Barilari on vocals, Bistolfi el camino del guerrero keyboards, Sanchez on bass, and Giardino on lead guitarexcept for Gustavo Rowek Who is replaced by Fernando Scarcella and Sergio Berdichevsky, who is now a part of groove metal band Nativo.

El Camino Del Guerrero

Walter decided to leave the band with five members Exactly as Rata Blanca started back in We'll find out right now Contrary to what many could have expected, the album starts with speedy and rock 'n' rollish track "El amo del camino" Master of the highwaywhich immediately catches our attention, because the song is very different from what the band has done in the past.

However, it reminds me of beauties like "Lejos de Casa" From the album "El libro oculto"or the cover "Traveling band" From the album "Entre el cielo y el infiernoel camino del guerrero it is not your average, energetic song, which is only good to listen at first and then becomes repetitive.

el camino del guerrero

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  • By Inazo Nitobe

No, "El amo del camino" is way more complex, energetic, stunning, and Giardino's soloing gives more life to the track, crowning it as an interesting highlight. I think this is one of the best openers el camino del guerrero Rata Blanca has released in years.


This track is probably the weakest part of the album, featuring a sloppy chorus, average riffs and lyrics, and little more. Don't be scared, because the rest of the album is way much better.

Just for a few pointers This is NOT a "rip-off" of them. This song was supposed to be released long ago, but there was never a place for it until now.

You can breathe deeply with relief, since el camino del guerrero will listen to an epic, power metal-oriented track.

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Barilari performs way too different el camino del guerrero, because of his growls, which made me feel pretty surprised, because he carries his voice to agressive boundaries, and the result is amazing. It is a hilarious homage to all the "femme fatales", who captivate men, play with them, until they drive their victims crazy.

Sexy and catchy, "Abeja reina" is the song which hooks you up for the rest of the album, along with the nostalgic "Lluvia Purpura" Purple rainan outrageous highlight of this album, which shows how Deep Purple has influenced the band throughout their career. If you were looking for a worthy example of how 70's heavy metal was made, then this is the song for you, because it brings back the sound of legendary groups el camino del guerrero Whitesnake, Judas Priest, and, of course The band to which this song is dedicated: Fury which is a slow-grower, yet enjoyable track.

It doesn't have any musical depth, and the lyrics are average, but it has its memorable parts, and this is a nice way to relax a little bit, since the best el camino del guerrero about to come.

It is an apocalyptic story, where good and evil battle to see which one is the last force to prevail.


This is, as its name suggests, a "fantastic symphony", because it includes In more than nine minutes all the virtuosity of Walter Giardino, epic passages, magical atmospheres, and the "Rata Blanca sound" which distinguishes them from the rest of the bands in this world.

This el camino del guerrero one of the highest points of the album, and a brilliant creation which can be compared to other classics such as "La leyenda del hada y el mago", or "El ultimo ataque".

Ballads can never be left behind, and this is how we discover slow, depressive, but average "Cuando la luz oscurece" "When the light darkens"which has infuriated many fans, because of its el camino del guerrero approach and its lack of "feeling".

However, although this is not a strong song, it's not bad, either, and there's a huge blues influence, which they didn't use until now.

Bushido: El Camino Del Guerrero (Spanish Edition)

Anyways, the main problem is Barilari's voice, which is not appropriate for these types of songs, since it waters out the emotions that are supposed to be reflected in the listener.

He sounds too low, to the point where his voice becomes el camino del guerrero annoying. Fair, but forgettable song, which has been said to be the worst ballad that Rata Blanca has ever done.


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