The Digital Gym Cinema presents a digital restoration of Jorge Fons' iconic Mexican film “El callejón de los milagros,” featuring performances. Get this from a library! El callejón de los milagros. [Najīb Maḥfūẓ]. El Callejon de los Milagros, Tampico: See 15 unbiased reviews of El Callejon de los Milagros, rated of 5, and one of Tampico restaurants on.


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We learn about the everyday life and surprises Midaq alley brings. In Egypt, during World War 2, modernization begins to occur.

Logo - Picture of El Callejon de Los Milagros, McAllen

The alley is becoming corrupted and a huge scandal. Everyone is looking for money and to prosper and will go to any length to get it, including selling themselves off, doing things they believe is wrong, and making choices just for money.

I found all the unique characters extremely interesting. The choices they made I would have never expected and it was very thrilling to see what would happen next. el callejon de los milagros

El Callejón De Los Milagros -

My favorite part of the novel was the plot twist when Hamida becomes a prostitute, Abbas dies, Kirsha is a homosexual, and Hussain Kirsha is laid off. Every decision ultimately affected the entire alley and was one step closer to modernization.

I also really liked el callejon de los milagros each character was a satire for a specific event. I feel the novel was written the way Mahfouz wanted it to be.

El callejon de los milagros | Chicago Reader

It sends the same message and idea Mahfouz was thinking the entire time he el callejon de los milagros writing Midaq Alley.

At times it is purely comic. Most of the acting is not like this. As in any good movie we feel like we are watching life unfold as we sit behind a one-way mirror.

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There are enough of this Mexican tele-novela style though, to be worth mentioning. That said, I enjoyed it. The spoken Mexican Spanish is clear and colloquial.

The sub-titles are decently done.

The sound track in many places is quite wonderful, supportive of the emotions at the moment but without the histrionics of some of the acting. Certainly worth an evening, and worth it more if you have interest in Mexico, Mahfouz or the latest in Mexican movie making.

McAllen, TX El Callejon De Los Milagros | Palms Crossing

This was a bit of a breakout film for her and by now she is well known, and respected for more than el callejon de los milagros her beauty. Alma deals with Alma's life and her falling in love with Abel. He leaves with Chava for the U. She has been seduced and ends up in a whorehouse.

Susanita is the landlady with horrible teeth whose feelings and romantic hopes are awakened. Chava is married and has his wife and baby boy with him.

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