GSAT-3, known as EDUSAT is meant for distant class room education from school level to higher education. This was the first dedicated "Educational Satellite". EduSat. EduSat (Educational Satellite). EduSat is a cooperative nanosatellite project proposed and coordinated by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and funded. EDUSAT is the first Indian satellite built exclusively for serving the educational sector. It is mainly intended to meet the demand for an interactive.


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The students are also involved in the development of a small payload sun sensor which will be hosted on edusat satellite EduSat. The structure is modular and fast to assemble and disassemble, thus permitting a good flexibility even in substituting a complete section whenever it is needed and giving to the students the possibility to work, at the same time, on different subsystems.

The solar arrays are surface-mounted and the photovoltaic system is based upon triple junction solar cells GaAs which are glued to edusat satellite non-conductive support. NiCd batteries are being used for energy storage. The spacecraft attitude subsystem is based upon passive magnetic stabilization providing a restoring torque to align one of the satellite axis with the local direction of the geomagnetic field.

Educational Multimedia Research Centre - Edusat

This attitude system exploits a permanent magnet which produces the restoring torque and hysteresis rods for oscillation damping. CAD model of the Edusat satellite nanosatellite image credit: Schematic view of the OBDH subsystem image credit: EduSat digital mockup image credit: The data rates are 9.

In addition, a back-up S-band channel may be used with a downlink rates of Functional configuration of the SPIV ground station image credit: Photo of the EduSat nanosatellite in the Yasny cleanroom image credit: Photo of some payloads in the payload bay of the Dnepr Launch Vehicle image credit: Edusat satellite launch provider is ISC Kosmotras.

The secondary payloads on this flight are: The universalisation of education has become the top priority in India, especially for the developing countries. But the extension of quality education to remote and rural regions becomes a Herculean task for a large country edusat satellite India with multi-lingual and multi-cultural population separated by vast geographical distances.

edusat satellite

There is a lack of adequate rural educational infrastructure and non-availability of edusat satellite teachers in sufficient numbers which adversely affect the efforts made in education. The spacecraft is built around a standardised spacecraft bus called I-2K. It has a multiple edusat satellite beam antenna with 1.


Satellites can establish connectivity between urban educational institutions edusat satellite a large number of rural and semi-urban educational institutions to provide an educational infrastructure.

Besides supporting formal education, a satellite system can edusat satellite the dissemination of knowledge to the rural and remote population about important aspects like health, hygiene and personality development and allow professionals to update their knowledge base as well.

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Thus, in spite of limited trained edusat satellite skilled teachers, the aspirations of the growing student population at all levels can be met through the concept of tele-education.

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