A simple example of Earned Value Management (EVM) calculations to illustrate the EVM article on Planisware's online Project Portfolio. The usage of the formula is shown in Earned Value Analysis examples. Cost Performance Index and Schedule Performance Index are key. In this lesson, you'll learn about earned value management (EVM). Earned value Project Integration Management: Definition, Processes & Example.


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Let's examine some of the primary elements of earned value management measurements and apply the EVM formulas in the example below.


Earned Value Management Scenario Jane is a project manager for a company that produces two special widgets each year for suppliers around the world.

Jane receives a project schedule of 10 months and a budget earned value example estimates of what it will cost to produce both widgets shown below.

Earned value management requires that a baselines of schedule, financials, and scope. As the project progresses, future earned value calculations when compared to the baseline earned value example determine the project's health or status.

Components Used in EVM To understand earned value, a project manager should have the basic understanding of schedule and budget. The original schedule, also known as the baseline schedule, is used in comparison to judge the project's health.

The original budget is also known as the baseline budget and, like the baseline schedule, earned value example will be used in calculations to determine the health of the project.

The first component needed to determine the health of the project earned value example planned value, which is the authorized budget given to the scheduled work. This is the budget that is assigned to an activity's planned work in the work breakdown structure.

Earned Value Management (EVM): Definition & Example - Video & Lesson Transcript |

Planned value is referred to as PV. Following PV, the project manager needs to know earned value example at completion.

You could use only the schedule performance SPI. Or you could figure in a small influence of the schedule performance.


Actual Cost is the earned value example cost incurred for the actual work completed to date. Simply put, it is the amount of money you have spent to date. There is no special formula to calculate Actual Cost.


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