A leading figure in post-war British social history, Thompson's advocacy of a history from below, as well as less determinist view of class than adopted hitherto by. E.P. Thompson – –, by Michael Löwy. E.P. Thompson as Historian, Teacher and Political Activist, by Barbara Winslow. The Making of the English Working Class is 50 this year. Emma Griffin celebrates EP Thompson.


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His rigorous evenhandedness in condemning both Cold War blocs gave him widespread credibility among many western Europeans, who came to look upon him as one of their most popular and trusted moral leaders. Much of this peace activism was carried out in close collaboration with his wife, Dorothy, who taught history at the University of Birmingham and published books on Chartism and on the role of women in radical English e p thompson and the antinuclear movement.

In both arenas Thompson sought to persuade his audiences that they placed e p thompson great an emphasis on faceless and monolithic socioeconomic forces acting upon human beings and paid too little attention to the possibilities opened up by individual personality, moral choice, and other expressions of human experience e p thompson initiative.

This lifelong stance of defiant dissent infused his posthumously published Witness Against the Beast a full-scale reassessment of the poet William Blake and the radical political and cultural movements of the Romantic era.

His body was buried in the War Cemetery of Sofia. After the war, the Bulgarians e p thompson a statue in his honour.

Thompson and his mother wrote There is a Spirit in Europe: A Memoir of Frank Thompson Frank Thompson was also a friend and confidant of Iris Murdoch e p thompson, the philosopher and novelist. Thompson wrote another book about his brother, published in E p thompson portrait of Thompson elicited some protests from readers, [30] and other left-wing journals came to Thompson's defence.

The Making of the English Working Class - Wikipedia

Thompson as one of the preeminent historians of his day. Numerous books, special collections, and journal articles on E. Thompson's scholarly work and legacy appeared soon after his death in Since then, however, interest in Thompson has waned. The e p thompson for this are perhaps easily enough summarized.

Today, Thompson's histories are viewed as old-fashioned, while his socialist politics are believed e p thompson.

E. P. Thompson - New World Encyclopedia

Class is considered neither a fruitful concept of historical analysis nor an appropriate basis for an emancipatory politics. Nuclear weapons proliferate, but no anti-nuclear movement grows up alongside their proliferation.

Civil liberties are a minority, and increasingly "radical," interest in the age of the "war e p thompson terror. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, then, Thompson seems out of place.

But e p thompson also lay in the moral quality which undergirded his histories and his political interventions.

E. P. Thompson - Wikipedia

In this way, as Stefan Collini has suggested, Thompson is perhaps more relevant than he ever was. The Making of the English Working Class rehabilitates a revolutionary underground of working class radicals, stretching from the s into the Chartist period, whose adherents were dedicated to an insurrection against the British state.

This feature of the Making, which enraged many e p thompson its earliest reviewers, has been forgotten by those critics who condemn its alleged populism and romanticism. Throughout the work, Thompson identifies e p thompson with the plebian radicals of the revolutionary underground.

E. P. Thompson

In doing so, he challenged the dominant tradition in British labour history--one which stressed gradualism and constitutionalism. Thompson insists that the revolutionaries were not mad plotters and idle cranks.

On the contrary, he argues that e p thompson a number of points between the s and most notably in the autumn of a mass revolutionary sentiment was percolating within e p thompson English working class. In defence of history Much of Thompson's work in the 15 year period after the appearance of the Making took the form of a defence of the practice of historical materialism against abstract and schematising tendencies within Marxism.

Thompson had briefly collaborated with the two in the early stages of the NLR.

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