You can drive C1 category vehicles with a trailer over kg, but the trailer - when fully loaded - can't weigh What do the codes on my driving licence mean? Categories of motor vehicles for the purpose of licensing in Victoria. for a marine licence, tow truck accreditation or authority to drive in a. Medium-sized vehicles. You can drive vehicles weighing 3, to 7,kg with a trailer weighting up to kg. You can drive any category C1 vehicle with a trailer weighing over kg. However, the combined weight cannot exceed 12,kg and the weight of the trailer cannot exceed the mass of the vehicle.


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Quadricycles other than those covered by AM are also covered by this category.


Combination of drawing vehicles in category B with trailer where the MAM1 of the trailer is greater than driving licence categories, kg and where the MAM1 of the drawing vehicle and trailer combined does not exceed 12, driving licence categories.

This refers to minimun age at which you can hold a learner permit in that category Note: Category G If you fancy it, this gives you entitlement to drive a road roller.

  • - Driving licence categories
  • European driving licence
  • Driving licence categories

Category H With Category H you can drive tracked vehicles, and yes, this includes tanks. Why are driving licence codes different to categories?


Categories dictate the types of vehicles that an individual can drive, whereas driving licence codes tell what conditions apply. How do I check the codes on my licence?


You can find the codes that relate to your licence by looking under section 12 on the reverse of your driving licence. Motorcycles A1 Motorcycles with a cylinder capacity driving licence categories exceeding cubic centimetres 7.

AM, also T in Finland B licence holders in Czech Republic only motorcycles driving licence categories automatic transmissionItaly, Latvia, Malta after a training of 10 hoursSlovakia after two years and only motorcycles with automatic transmissionSpain after three yearsPoland after three yearsPortugal at least 25 years old or additional licence for mopedsand Belgium only with a Belgian Driving Licence, after two years are allowed to drive motorcycles not exceeding cubic centimetres 7.

Category C1E You can drive C1 category vehicles with a trailer over kg. Large vehicles You can drive vehicles over 3,kg with a trailer up to kg MAM. Category CE Driving licence categories can drive category C vehicles with a trailer over kg.

Category F This is for agricultural tractors. From age 16 you can get a provisional tractor entitlement under this category and take a test.

This allows you to drive tractors less than 2. At age 17 you can take a test to drive any size of driving licence categories. If you have a full car licence then you driving licence categories drive a tractor without taking a tractor test. Category L Electric vehicles, available from age This licence has not been available since The vehicles are part of category B or B1.

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