Our Pencil Portrait lesson explains and illustrates the step-by-step drawing techniques for a realistic portrait of a young girl. Tips for Drawing Self-Portraits. Start with a light sketch. Start with a light outline. Add shadows and smudge them. To make your sketch look professionally done, add shadows. Do your hairline after you outline. Start with the head and work out the proper length. Fine details come last. Choose a good frame. Although a lot of what I'm discussing will be specific to drawing portraits, the principles can apply to learn many skills. So even if you aren't.


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Draw portraits case you just want the summary and implications for learning other skills, jump to the conclusion here.

Motivation and Preparation for the Project Draw portraits motivation for this project came almost by accident. This book teaches a generalized approach to drawing which focuses mostly on perceptual skills.

Not draw portraits do you hold the pencil or do shading, but rather, how do you actually see what is in front of you in an accurate way.

Pencil Portrait Drawing

I completed the course it took about 20 hoursbut when I got to the portrait drawing section it was still frustrating. Drawing faces was a miserable process full of acute frustration for me.

A frustrating self-portrait I attempted a few months before starting this learning project, just before starting Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It was this mixture of draw portraits for drawing portraits and my admiration for people who could do it well, that inspired me to try tackling it in an ultralearning project.

I felt that if I could learn to draw faces well, that would not only teach me important artistic skills, but give me confidence that I could then apply to future draw portraits projects.

New Ultralearning Project: Can You Learn to Draw Realistic Portraits in One Month?

My commitment to the project was simple: I draw portraits work on improving my ability to draw draw portraits with graphite over thirty days. I also added an additional constraint: This meant five hours per day, Monday to Friday. My choice of twenty-five hours per week was entirely arbitrary.

If you wanted to work on the project full-time, you could probably put in more.

If you had a full-time job, draw portraits may only be able to commit fewer hours. I think, however, if you simply increased or decreased the total time of the project, you could get draw portraits a similar result.

4 Ways to Draw a Portrait - wikiHow

If you could only put in The hardest part of drawing faces is that our brains are draw portraits facial-recognition machines. If an eye is even a few millimeters off of the position its supposed to occupy, we get a strange sense that draw portraits is wrong.

An expression can go from content to draw portraits with only a few line widths of difference. This means that drawing faces, unlike say chairs or trees, requires an incredible level of accuracy in order to be compelling. One way around this is to exploit techniques that make accuracy problems go away—trace the image, use a projector or put a grid on the images and the drawing to make sure everything matches.

Pencil Portrait Lessons

Although these are valid techniques, they shortcut rather than train the real ability I wanted to be able to draw faces using only draw portraits eyes and a pencilso I made a draw portraits of not using them during the project. No disrespect is meant if you prefer these methods some of the great artists also used them.


My first step was to try to isolate this component of the skill: I decided draw portraits do this by drawing tons of faces. This would allow me to see progress clearly.

draw portraits Check out the image below for a little more clarity. With this technique or a variation I can draw almost any color or style of hair that I want!


Just like the hair from mistake 1, shadow and gradation can be used to show that the shirt is blocking the light from the skin underneath. Take a look at the example below to see this principle draw portraits action!

Pencil Portrait Drawing

Again, we see one feature seemingly melding into another and completely missing the opportunity to boost realism. How do you suppose we would create that separation? We have to create space between the lips and teeth and only a gradation will show how the light draw portraits illuminating draw portraits teeth but going dark as the teeth go out of our sight.

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  • Pencil Portraits
  • Step 2: Shading techniques

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