Free Softland Windows /XP//Vista/Server /7/8/10 Version Deep integration: Installing itself as a printer on your PC, doPDF Free PDF. You can open the document you want converted and go to File-Print and select doPDF as a printer, or you can go in your Programs and open which. doPDF is a Portable Document Format (PDF) printer developed by Softland, that allows any well as support for Type 1 fonts. Instead of embedding the full font file, doPDF 7 embeds only font subsets, making the resulting PDF file smaller.


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Download doPDF Build

Either use novaPDF's Getting Started window to browse for a document and convert it, or click on "Print" from any application that supports printing to generate a PDF file.

Protect your Documents Your business documents are often confidential thus any un-authorized access might result in a disaster for your company. With novaPDF you can password-protect resulting PDF dopdf 7 printer and thus restrict certain actions such as printing, modifying, extracting or copying content, form filling or annotating using the strongest encryption possible, bit AES.

This way, when you want to create a PDF using the same settings you've used previously you just need to create a dopdf 7 printer profile.

Select the file you want to convert to PDF and hit the Create button to make it dopdf 7 printer. Performance The program barely uses system resources, doesn't seem to make any modifications on the Windows registry entries and we haven't experienced any problems during our tests.

Not because the name is that catchy, dopdf 7 printer because after you use it once you'll be happy to have found it.

Free PDF Converter

With Metadata Control The above programs let you dopdf 7 printer a PDF, but what if you want control over the metadata of that file? When you print you have the option to add author and other information.

You can read the long history on Wikipediaand be sure to pay attention during the installation process. As with doPDF, you can control the quality.


Always use this folder You can have doPDF create and save the PDF file to the same folder each time, no matter where you open the original document from. Embed font subsets To ensure that the resulting PDF file will look exactly as originally dopdf 7 printer, doPDF embeds by default the font subsets used in the original document.

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