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Amnesia on Earth[ edit ] To give the Doctor time to recover and the TARDIS time to regenerate from the extensive damage it had suffered, Compassion dropped the Doctor off on Earth in the year ; she then delivered Fitz towith the intent doctor who magazine 472 he wait for the Doctor to catch up to him.


With that, Compassion departed for parts unknown. Back inmeanwhile, the Doctor awoke in a railway carriage to discover no memory as to his real identity, and no possessions save a small, shapeless box— what was left of the TARDIS doctor who magazine 472 its power loss— and a note, simply stating "Meet me in St.

Louis ', 8 Doctor who magazine 472 Despite his amnesia, the Doctor retained a wide general knowledge. However, he also showed an uncharacteristic callous streak, easily allowing others to die if he felt that they 'deserved' to perish The Burning.

Doctor Who 50th anniversary: The Time Lord’s world records

To contrast, he was capable of feeling unusually poignant warmth, even dating a woman in the s, and adopting a young girl named Mirandaa Time Lady from the future Father Time. During this time, he often became involved in strange problems outside the norm, such as confronting an entity that was essentially sentient fire The Burning.

He experienced a particular funk in the s, feeling that his doctor who magazine 472 to learn about his past were pointless, but his interest in life was re-inspired when he was recruited to defeat his old enemies the Players as they sought to escalate the Cold War Endgame.

Unsure what "St Louis" was intended by the note, the Doctor created his own in London: As rolled around, Fitz indeed doctor who magazine 472 up there to meet him.

With his freedom restored, the Doctor chose doctor who magazine 472 counteract his extended exile by seeking as much non-human company as possible. During this period, the Doctor encountered all manner of unusual beings — from a species that at cursory glance resembled the Earth tiger The Year of Intelligent Tigersto water spirits, to talking apes from doctor who magazine 472 dimension.

Though at times the Doctor seemed somewhat cold — as when he seemed more concerned about damaged plums than a dead man Eater of Wasps — he retained his passion for life in all forms.

Doctor Who Releases

Although his amnesia remained a bother, the Doctor acknowledged that whatever had happened to him had happened for a reason, and he might as well make use of the advantages it offered.

Sabbath and parallel times[ edit ] Only a few months after resuming doctor who magazine 472 old lifestyle, the Doctor faced another radical change: As it happened, the heart served as a bond with Gallifrey; with the planet gone, the heart had begun to fester within the Doctor's body, pumping it with poison.

A man named Sabbathan eighteenth-century secret agent gifted with time travel abilities, excised the blackened organ, both saving the Doctor's life and robbing the Doctor of some of his higher Time Lord abilities his respiratory bypass system and his ability to metabolise toxins.

It transpired that Sabbath was actually after doctor who magazine 472 heart for his own purposes: An unexpected side effect of this experiment was that so long as the Doctor's heart remained within Sabbath's chest, the Doctor himself remained practically invulnerable to harm though any injury sustained by the Doctor would weaken Sabbath.

Doctor to Doctor Magazine - medical publications doctors dentists opticians

Eventually, after a woman Sabbath loved sacrificed herself to save the Doctor from a malfunctioning time machine, Sabbath tore out the Doctor's second heart, allowing the Doctor to begin growing a new one.

Shortly after the restoration of his heart, the Doctor found himself locked in a desperate struggle with Sabbath as, along with doctor who magazine 472 mysterious business associates, Sabbath hatched a plan to destroy all alternate realities.

Sabbath believed that time travellers like the Doctor, every time they landed somewhere, created an alternate doctor who magazine 472 where they didn't show up, and that the universe was unable to support so many alternates without suffering damage; therefore, he attempted to trigger an explosion at Event One — the Big Bang — that would erase all alternate universes and leaving only one possible timeline.

However, Sabbath's allies had been lying to him; in reality, Time would only split if absolutely necessary, and even then, it was nearly impossible to travel between alternate realities. In reality, Sabbath had been manipulated into creating a plan that would effectively wipe out free will itself.

The explosion at Event One was averted when the Doctor diverted the black light that would have triggered the explosion tobut instead of reality collapsing into a single controllable timeline, what occurred was reality starting to 'slide' between histories, doctor who magazine 472 parallel realities fighting to become the dominant one.

Along with new companion Trixthe Doctor, Fitz and Anji travelled through the realities, the Doctor being forced to erase at least two of them to restore the original reality. During this adventure, the Doctor appeared to become a bit more cold and calculating, sacrificing an innocent man to escape a pocket universe and even leaving alternate doctor who magazine 472 of Fitz and Anji to die to preserve continuity.

Doctor Who Figurine Collection | Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Eaglemoss

However, in the end, their sacrifices paid off, the Doctor managing to stabilise reality by resolving a paradox that had been hanging over them since the beginning of the crisis, and then, with Sabbath's help, they confronted his masters; the Council of Eight, mysterious beings who gained power by foreseeing likely future events and then ensuring that they came to pass.

The Doctor, as a rogue element existing outside of Time, was the only unpredictable factor in their universe, and was thus the only person who could stop them. Ironically, it was Sabbath himself who gave the Doctor the edge needed to stop the Council; realising that doctor who magazine 472 of the Council members expected Sabbath to shoot the Council member with a weapon designed doctor who magazine 472 send the subject into the Time Vortex, Sabbath instead shot himself, condemning himself to eternal agony in the Time Vortex, but doctor who magazine 472 undoing the Council's plan and destroying their space station, simultaneously restoring the possibility of parallel worlds to the universe.

The Gallifrey Chronicles[ edit ] Some while after this, the Doctor was captured by Marnal, one of the few surviving Gallifreyans, and accused of destroying Gallifrey.

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