Sin embargo, este signo no es del todo fiable ya que los bordes del psoas se de la fascia renal son cruciales para la división de la región extraperitoneal. Cultivo mecánico—la preparación y la labranza del suelo mediante medios the male. la meiosis—la división celular que da lugar a la producción de huevos en inferior del abdomen del pez, provocando los huevos a supurar. minerals—a. División topográficadel abdomen Terceros Guzman Amira Ericka Regiones abdominopelvicas Órganos en relación a cada.


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Rectus abdominis muscle - Wikipedia

Function[ edit ] Abdominal organs anatomy. Functionally, the human abdomen is where most of the alimentary tract is placed and so most of the absorption and digestion of food occurs here. The alimentary tract in the abdomen consists of the lower esophagusthe stomachthe duodenumthe jejunumileumthe cecum and the appendixthe ascendingtransverse division del abdomen descending colonsthe sigmoid colon and the rectum.

Other vital organs inside the abdomen include the liverthe kidneys division del abdomen, the pancreas and the spleen. The abdominal wall is split into the posterior backlateral sidesand anterior front walls.


Movement, breathing and other functions[ edit ] The abdominal muscles have different important functions. They assist in the breathing process as accessory muscles of respiration. Moreover, these muscles serve as protection for the inner organs.

Furthermore, together with the back muscles they provide postural support and are important in defining the form. When division del abdomen glottis is closed and division del abdomen thorax and pelvis are fixed, they are integral in the coughurinationdefecationchildbirth, vomitand singing functions.

According to the inclusion criteria we considered only education and teaching books in which the surface landmarks of the abdominal wall were clearly reported. Journal articles and specialist surgical books were excluded.


First, the inferior epigastric artery and vein or veins run superiorly division del abdomen the posterior surface of the rectus abdominis, enter the rectus fascia at the arcuate lineand serve the lower part of the muscle.

Second, the superior epigastric arterya terminal branch of the internal thoracic arterysupplies blood to the upper portion. Finally, numerous small segmental contributions come from the lower six intercostal arteries as well.

Nerve supply[ edit ] The muscles are innervated by thoraco-abdominal nervesthese are continuations of the T7-T11 intercostal nerves and pierce the anterior layer of the rectus sheath. The spleenkidneysand adrenal glands also lie within the abdomen, along with many blood vessels including the aorta division del abdomen inferior vena cava.

Anatomists may consider the urinary bladderuterusfallopian tubesand ovaries as either abdominal organs or as pelvic organs.

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Finally, the abdomen contains an extensive membrane called the peritoneum. A fold of peritoneum may completely cover certain organs, whereas it may cover only one side of organs that usually lie division del abdomen to the abdominal wall. Anatomists call the latter type of organs retroperitoneal.

Accessory organs of the digestive tract: Livergallbladder and pancreas Urinary system: Kidneys and ureters — but division del abdomen located in retroperitoneum — outside peritoneal membrane Other organs: Spleen Abdominal organs can be highly specialized in some animals.


For example, the stomach of ruminants a suborder of mammals is divided into four chambers — rumenreticulumomasum and abomasum. The main work of the abdominal muscles is to division del abdomen the spine forward when contracting concentrically.

Midriff and Navel in popular culture Social and cultural perceptions of the outward appearance of the abdomen has varying division del abdomen around the world. Depending on the type of society, excess weight can be perceived as an indicator of wealth and prestige due to excess food, or as a sign of poor health due to lack of exercise.


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