The Fish Dissection program at Hatfield Marine Science Center is a minute variety of fish, study the internal and external anatomy, and learn how and why. 2) Pin the fish onto the dissecting mat with the left side of the fish facing up. 3) Cut the skin from the anal fin along the belly of the fish to the operculum (Figure 1. This dissection is a guideline only, and individuals participate at their own risk. Health Warning: Dissection fish obtained frozen from hatcheries are not food fish.


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Finally, some organs such as the fish's swim bladder are simply not present in man.

Fish Anatomy

Below are descriptions of some of the organs identified on the above diagram, along with their functions. A number of other vital organs, such as the spleen and pancreas, may also be present but are smaller and more difficult to dissection of fish.

A largemouth bass destined for the frying pan makes an excellent specimen because this species is large enough for easy examination. For anglers brave enough dissection of fish do some investigating while filleting their next fish, a fascinating learning experience awaits!

Don't forget to examine the stomach content, as this can give clues to what the fish was feeding on, where in the water column and what lures to present. For instance, small shad probably came from open water and a shad-imitating lure may be your best bet; crayfish would suggest working a soft plastic along the bottom.

The primary structural framework upon which the fish's body is built; connects to the skull at the front of the fish and to the tail at the rear.

Dissection of Organs from the Adult Zebrafish | Protocol

The spine is made up of numerous vertebrae, which are hollow and house and protect the delicate spinal cord. Connects the brain to the rest of the body and relays sensory information from the body to dissection of fish brain, as well as instructions from the brain to the rest of the body.

The control center of the fish, where both automatic functions such as respiration and higher behaviors "Should Dissection of fish eat that critter with the spinning blades? All sensory information is processed here. One of the fish's primary sense organs; detects underwater vibrations and is capable of determining the direction of their source.

Swim or Air Bladder: A hollow, gas-filled dissection of fish organ that allows a fish to conserve energy by maintaining neutral buoyancy suspending in water.

Fish instructions

Fish caught from dissection of fish deep water sometimes need to have air released from their swim bladder before they can be dissection of fish and return to deep water, due to the difference in atmospheric pressure at the water's surface.

Most freshwater anglers in Florida need not concern themselves with this! Species of fish that do not possess a swim bladder sink to the bottom if they stop swimming. Allow a fish to breathe underwater. These are very delicate structures and should not be touched if the fish is to be released!

Filters liquid waste materials from the blood; these wastes are then passed out of the body. The kidney dissection of fish also extremely important in regulating water and salt concentrations within the fish's body, allowing certain fish species to exist in freshwater or saltwater, and in some cases such as snook or tarpon both.

O Wow Moments at Children's Museum

Break down digest food and absorb nutrients. Fish such as bass that are piscivorous eat other fish have fairly short intestines because such food dissection of fish easy to chemically break down and digest.

Fish such as tilapia that are herbivorous eat plants require longer intestines because plant dissection of fish is usually tough and fibrous and more difficult to break down into usable components.


A great deal about fish feeding habits can be determined by examining stomach contents. This organ with fingerlike projections is located near the junction of the stomach and the intestines. Its function is not dissection of fish understood, but it is known to secrete enzymes that aid in digestion, may function to absorb digested food, or do both.

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