The following types of valves are used in a variety of applications, these descriptions may provide a basic guideline in the selection of valves. BALL VALVES. BUTTERFLY VALVES. CHECK VALVES. GLOBE VALVES. GATE VALVES. PLUG VALVES. There are different kinds of valves used in plants based on the needs. Basically, Valves can be grouped into two main types: Shut off valves. Valves are quite diverse and may be classified into a number types. Basic Types - by operating principle[edit]. The inside of an extremely large butterfly valve.‎Check valve · ‎Ball valve · ‎Globe valve · ‎Butterfly valve.


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This is done by containing a port in the middle that lines up both ends of the valve, which allows flow to occur.

Types of Manual Valves

The handle is in line with the position of the port, making it an excellent different kinds of valves for shutoff applications.

Each hose valve is designed with a disc that is lifted or lowered into the seat that opens and closes for fluid flow access to a hose.

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Different kinds of valves type of valve works in conjunction with Stortz, Nakajima, ANSI PIN and Morris type hose couplings that includes a shut off function and flow rate control with horizontal and perpendicular directions.

They have outlet openings that are oriented at right angles to inlet openings that regulate the flow of fluid to the pipe in an application.


Different kinds of valves way, an overloading of water and sewage forced back through lateral connections resulting in flooding and water damage can be avoided. When used in the partially open position, pressure is applied to only a portion of the valve seat, which different kinds of valves cause it to deform.

If the valve seat deforms, its sealing properties are impaired and it will leak as a result. A ball valve is generally the least expensive of any valve configuration and has low maintenance costs.

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In addition to quick, quarter turn on-off operation, ball valves are compact, require no lubrication, and give tight sealing with low torque. Conventional ball valves have relatively poor throttling characteristics.

In a throttling position, the partially exposed seat rapidly erodes because of the impingement of high velocity flow. Butterfly Valves In butterfly valves, the flow is regulated through a disc-type element held in place in the center of the valve by a different kinds of valves.

Types of Manual Valves | TLV - A Steam Specialist Company (International)

Butterfly valves are characterized by their simple construction, lightness in weight, and compact design. Their face-to-face dimension is often extremely small, making the pressure drop across a butterfly valve much smaller than globe valves see below.

Materials used for the valving element and sealing can limit their applications at higher temperatures or with certain types of fluids. Butterfly valves are often used different kinds of valves applications for water and air, and in applications with large pipe diameters.

In this type of valve, flow rate control is determined not by the size of the opening in the valve seat, but rather by the lift of the valve plug the distance the valve plug is from the valve seat.

One feature of globe valves is that even if used in the partially open position, there is less risk of damage to the valve seat or valve plug by different kinds of valves fluid than with other types of manual valves.

Among the various configurations available, needle type globe valves are particularly well suited for flow rate control.

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Other points to consider about globe valves is that the pressure drop across the valve is greater than different kinds of valves of many other types of valves because the passageway is S-shaped.

Valve operation time is also longer because the valve stem must be turned several times in order to open and close the valve, and this may eventually cause leakage of the gland seal packing.

Furthermore, care must be taken not to turn the valve shaft too far because there is a possibility it could damage the seating surface.

Gate Valves The gate valve is the type of valve most often used in industrial piping. When the valve is wide open, the wedge is lined entirely out of different kinds of valves waterway.

The gate valve should be specified when pressure drop is to be avoided.

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