Students act as reading detectives and learn to organize facts and analyze characters and events to solve the mystery in Reading Detective Badges Template. Results 1 - 24 of - Browse reading detective notebook resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original  Missing: template ‎| ‎Must include: ‎template. Mystery Word Wall Words for Vocabulary- Detective Files Cover Page. Clue Collector- This is a template for a book report on any mystery. Have fun being.


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In addition to independent readings outside of class 30 minutes a night Sunday — Thursdaythe one outside assignment that I offer to my students is an article of the detective notebook template. This year I am piloting a digital article of the week with Actively Learn.

Interactive notebooks | The Teaching Factor

Actively Learn houses thousands of free articles and assignments or teachers can upload their own. I talk more about the game platform next. The objective of the game is to gain as many points as possible to unlock privileges like extra detective notebook template on homework, access to test questions, or extended bathroom breaks.

Students work together, as well as individually, throughout the school year earning points based on quiz grades, homework completion, and classroom interactions.

This game platform allows for positive peer collaboration and camaraderie, it is a motivational tool for most of my students, and students are rewarded for positive behaviors and vise versa, lose points for negative behaviors.

detective notebook template

Detective Role Play Notepad

As I mentioned prior, I am not teaching detective notebook template book, I am teaching readers and writers. Have students put on their Reading Detective Badges if you chose to make them.

Tell them they are going to be reading detectives for the next couple of weeks as they detective notebook template to solve the mystery in the book they will be reading together. I also distribute the plastic brimmed detective hats when meeting with the Detective Clubs. Preview the mystery chapter book with the students by doing the following things: Ask if anyone has read a book in this series.

Reading Detectives Lesson Plan

If someone has, allow them to give a brief description detective notebook template the main characters. Read the book's title and have students make predictions about what the mystery could be.

Read the summary on the back of the chapter book aloud while students follow along using their own copies of the book. Read the titles of the chapters if there is detective notebook template table of contents. Allow students to make connections to any of the information they have read or invite them to make new predictions about what might happen in the book.

Pass out detective notebook template Detective Case File to each student and review how to complete each worksheet. Ingredients of a Mystery. The Detective notebook template Detective Case Report Worksheet will not be completed until after the story has been read.

Set up a reading assignment and a date for the next time you will meet with the group.

Reading Detectives Lesson Plan | Scholastic

Remind students that they should come prepared for the meeting by reading their assigned pages and recording suspects and detective notebook template if they came across that information as they were reading.

Meet with each group and follow steps 2—6.


You will continue to meet with Detective Clubs regularly, just as you would do with guided reading groups or book clubs. Depending on the grade and detective notebook template level of your students, the meetings can be student-led once your students are comfortable with detective notebook template capable of engaging in a meaningful discussion without the support of the teacher.

Create a schedule that will allow you to meet with two to three groups per day for the next 10 days or detective notebook template long you think you will need for your students to finish their mystery chapter book.

You will need to set aside time when you can meet exclusively with each group while the rest of the class is engaged in quiet work.

When meeting with a group, give students time to collectively and briefly retell the main events that have happened in the story. Ask questions to monitor comprehension and to push their thinking to a higher level.

Discuss the implications of the clues and encourage students to explain why characters on their suspect list are suspicious. If some students have missed important clues, allow them to add the clues and suspects to their lists.

Lend detective notebook template to students who regularly miss important clues or model again for them how to complete the worksheets.

At the end of each session, set the page number to which they need to read and the day that their detective group will meet again. Continue to meet with each group on a regular basis until they've read the book and solved the mystery.

detective notebook template


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