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I think the very moment they recruited Ulrike Meinhof, at the time a respected and well-known political reporter and documentary film-maker, as she helped to spring Baader from custody and in the process killing a security guard, is the breaking-point where all was let loose for the RAF.


From there, they went underground. And they went abroad, making sure that Baader-Ensslin could rule the band and that very little that was critique against them could escape unhurt - and that went both for people on the inside and the outside.

The author does a splendid der baader meinhof komplex buch at remaining fairly objective while binding facts to the RAF's belief-system, thus creating a bird's-eye view of the entire matter.


The book is mostly chronologically written, but starts off with the Stannheim deaths der baader meinhof komplex buch a very strong way. Did the German government wire-tap the prisoners' cells during the night of their deaths?

Did they in fact allow the guns that killed some of the prisoners to be imported? Did they know of a suicide pact and totally failed to prevent it? Were the prisoners in fact murdered or did they commit suicide?

We'll probably never know. Aust has also been involved with the screenwriting for the film with the same name as this book, which I think is very good too.

The book, however, delves a lot deeper and der baader meinhof komplex buch exposes Baader as a more two-faced and hypocritical person than I think the film did.

The Baader Meinhof Complex - Wikipedia

All in all, this is a thoroughly interesting book which could be considered great company with Olivier Assayas' great three-piece documentary on Carlos Sanchez, titelled "Carlos". Even though Ensslin tells her that sacrifices must be made for the revolution, Meinhof does not wish to leave her children.

But then, Baader is arrested. Using her connections, Meinhof is able to arrange for him to be interviewed off der baader meinhof komplex buch grounds, where Ensslin and the others rescue him.

Stefan Aust

While the plan called for Meinhof to look like an innocent journalist caught in a prison break, she flees with Baader and Ensslin, thereby der baader meinhof komplex buch herself in the murders of an unarmed civilian and two policemen.

After leaving Meinhof's two children der baader meinhof komplex buch Sicilythe group receives training in a Fatah camp in Jordanwhere the egotistical and promiscuous Germans enrage their Muslim hosts.

Homann leaves the group after overhearing Meinhof, Baader, and Ensslin asking Fatah to kill him. Having also learned that Meinhof wishes to send her two children to a training camp for suicide bombers, Homann informs Meinhof's former colleague Stefan Austwho returns the children to their father.

When cornered, she refuses to go quietly, initiates a gunfight, and is fatally shot by the policemen's return fire. Regarding der baader meinhof komplex buch as murder, Baader and Ensslin overrule Meinhof's objections and begin systematically bombing police stations and United States Military bases.

As grisly footage of the maimed and the dead appears onscreen, Meinhof's press statements rationalizing the bombings are heard in voiceover.

Baader and Holger Meins are caught after a shoot-out with police. Ensslin and Meinhof are captured soon after. In separate prisons, the RAF inmates stage a hunger strike which der baader meinhof komplex buch in Meins' death.

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Der Baader Meinhof Komplex

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