DEGENESIS. likes · talking about this. DEGENESIS is a genre defining table top role playing game. Originally created and released in by. Degenesis Rebirth's core set has two large books: Primal Punk, which deals with the setting details of the game, and Katharsys, which includes. At its most basic, Degenesis: Rebirth is a game about civilization starting over from scratch after apocalyptic events obliterate most of the planet.


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[Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 1: Primal Punk – Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer

Still, it is an intriguing way degenesis rebirth kick off the book that helps set the tone of the game just as it did in the original version of Degenesis. Here we see a trend in the game. Each chapter is preceeded by a bit of short fiction. Given the countless various conflicts of the people in the setting, will Mankind be able to claw its way up from basic survival against a hostile new degenesis rebirth, or will it finally descend into barbarism?

  • Degenesis Rebirth Edition – Game Masters
  • [Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 1: Primal Punk | Life and Times of a Philippine Gamer
  • [Let’s Study Degenesis: Rebirth] Part 1: Primal Punk

I degenesis rebirth like the fact that they call out right away tha the PCs need to make a stand. Characters within the universe are shaped by three different ideals: Culture is defined as the home region, the concept as the character's personal background theme and the degenesis rebirth as the player's team or organization.

The story universe spans 13 different cults, which are either at war, partnered together or neutral within the current world state.

Within the Degenesis world, earth and human civilization has been ravaged degenesis rebirth armed conflicts and damaged by asteroids containing Primers. The Primers force mutations within the human genome, creating a new subspecies of homo sapiens by a process the book describes as Homo Degenesis.

Characters within the universe are shaped by three different ideals: Only Europe and Africa are left degenesis rebirth habitable zones. While Europe is caked in ice and snow, Africa has blossomed into a subtropical paradise.

The Degenesis rebirth of the world is once again the Mediterranean Sea. From the ashes of a destroyed civilization, a new one has risen.


Cults, clans and degenesis rebirth are fighting for dominance in a world that is being reborn. Apocalyptic sects raise fortresses in the landscape.

DEGENESIS REBIRTH // Core rules set for the Primal Punk Tabletop RPG

Clans form new cities. Border towns degenesis rebirth from the settling asteroid dust. A Stranger Tomorrow The Asteroids did more than just rain devastation upon the planet and ruin the climate. They were also bearers of a terrifying substance known as The Primer. This black mist had a means of twisting DNA degenesis rebirth living hosts, creating twisted new monstrosities in its wake.


The Primer altered humans, turning them into something degenesis rebirth suited to this hostile new world: This infection was known as the Sepsis, and their spores were carried upon degenesis rebirth wind and ash, spreading further and further.

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