Adventure journal for Gold Box PC game by scott_butler_ Death Knights of Krynn - Cluebook - PC. Eye of the Beholder III: Assault on Myth Drannor. Death Knight's of Krynn Dos version · Gold Box Passwords Compilation · Death Knight's of Krynn Manual · Death Knight's of Krynn Cluebook · Death Knight's of. Add Image Published by Strategic Simulations, Inc (SSI) in Death Knights of Krynn/Map Death Knights of Krynn/Manual Death Knights of Krynn/Journal.


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They are especially resistant to magic and poison. During combat, dwarves receive bonuses when attacking goblins or hobgoblins and are adept at dodging the attacks of ogres and giants.

Dwarves can be fighters, thieves, rangers, clerics of Reorx or mixed classes.

Mountain dwarves may be fighters, paladins, thieves, clerics of Reorx or mixed classes. They are nearly immune to Sleep and Charm spells and are adept at finding hidden doors.


During combat, elves receive bonuses when attacking with long or short swords and bows. They cannot be raised from the dead. Silvanesti elves can be fighters, paladins, mages, clerics, rangers and mixed classes. Qualinesti elves can be fighters, rangers, mages, thieves, clerics and mixed classes.

Death Knights of Krynn download

They are resistant to Sleep and Charm spells are adept at finding hidden doors. Half-elves can be fighters, knights, paladins, mages, clerics, thieves, rangers and mixed classes. They are especially resistant to magic and poison and have the special ability to taunt intelligent opponents. When kender successfully taunt, an opponent will attack in a mindless rage, suffering a loss of combat effectiveness.

The preferred weapon of the kender is death knights of krynn journal hoopak, part stall sling part metal shod staff, which only they can use.

Death Knights of Krynn Adventurer`s Journal (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

Kender receive bonuses to hit with hoopaks and are deadly accurate shots. They can be thieves, fighters, rangers, clerics or mixed classes. They can be fighters, mages, clerics, thieves, paladins, rangers and Knights but not mixed classes.

Only humans and half-elves can be Knights. These scores fall within a range determined by the race and class of the character. The basic values range from 3 low to 18 high and there are charts of limitations, modifiers and bonuses included in this SCD-Dox presentation. Depending on the death knights of krynn journal class, one or more of these abilities will be a prime requisite.

A prime requisite is an ability especially valuable to a given class. For example, strength is key for fighters wisdom for clerics.

Death Knights of Krynn - Journal, Docs, Documentation - Lemon Amiga

Most characters receive bonus experience points when their prime requisite scores are 16 or greater. Non-human characters may receive modifiers to the basic ability scores to reflect differences between the races.


Fighter-type characters may have exceptional strengths greater than 18 which are indicated by a percent value 01,02,03, High strength increases a character's combat ability with melee weapons. Strength also determines how much a character can carry without becoming encumbered and slowed in death knights of krynn journal.

Death Knights of Krynn - Manual

Intelligence can limit how far mage characters can advance and what levels of spells they can cast. Clerics receive bonus spells for high wisdom and it may limit what level spells they can cast.


Thieves especially benefit from high dexterity. Dexterity affects how well a character can use ranged weapons bows, dart, etc.

Fighters receive one extra hit point per hit die death knights of krynn journal each point of constitution above Non-fighters receive similar benefits except they receive a maximum of two extra hit points per level no benefits for constitutions above

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