CVISION'€™s PdfCompressor utilizes best in class compression technology and a highly accurate OCR engine. CVISION's PdfCompressor is a PDF compressor solution that reduces file sizes up to x and optimizes scanned files with accurate OCR technology. Tiff Converter requires CVISION CVista PdfCompressor to perform TIFF-to-PDF conversion with OCR. PdfCompressor is not provided with Tiff Converter.


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CVISION clients include industry leaders in the fields of financial services, banking, government, real estate, and law.

For more information visit www. Four compression settings are available: It is also efficient to compress multiple PDF files in batches with this program.

PdfCompressor Professional (bit) by CVISION Technologies - Should I Remove It?

The tif and tiff file extensions are included in several places depending on configuration. This can cause contention between the check boxes for "Create thumbnail only for selected graphics" and the cvista pdf compressor boxes for Tiff Converter. If you experience any problems using the File Formats Wizard to map file cvista pdf compressor for Tiff Converter, use the Configuration Manager to manually view and edit all your mappings exactly.

For details, see Section 6. Click Update to save your changes.

In the navigation menu, select Adminstration, Admin Applets. The Configuration Manager applet is started. For additional convenience, users can now right-click on a file in Windows Explorer to "Compress". Previous cvista pdf compressor of PdfCompressor are currently being used by many Fortune companies and by over corporate clients worldwide.

How to Compress PDF File in Easy Way | Wondershare PDFelement

This cvista pdf compressor option must be enabled for the refinery to perform conversions on items submitted by the content server. To determine the appropriate timeout values for TIFF files, perform these tasks: Examine the document history information and evaluate the required processing time.


Change your Inbound Refinery timeout settings accordingly. Information about Tiff Converter timeouts is recorded in the Inbound Refinery and agent logs.

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To configure timeout settings for Tiff to PDF file generation, complete the following steps: Log into the refinery.

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