Introduction: Ferdinand Graf von Spee is credited with characterizing human occlusal curvature viewed in the sagittal plane. This naturally occurring. KEY WORDS: Curve of Spee, leveling, occlusion. Curve of Spee is a naturally occurring phenomenon in the human dentition. This normal occlusal curvature is required for an efficient masticatory system.‎Curve of Spee – Today · ‎Construction of Curve of Spee · ‎Effects of Curve of Spee. in the sagittal plane, occlusal curvature is a naturally occurring phenomenon in the human dentition. Today in orthodontics, the curve of Spee commonly refers to the arc of a curved plane that is tangent to the incisal edges and the buccal cusp tips of the mandibular dentition viewed in the sagittal plane.


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It is of importance to orthodontists as it may contribute to an increased overbite. A flat or mild curve of Spee was essential to an ideal occlusion.

Curve of Spee - from orthodontic perspective

Footnotes Conflict of Interest: The gliding path of the mandible along the curve of spee. J Am Dent Assoc. The curve of Spee in Stone Age man. Development of the curve of Spee.

Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. Influence of malocclusion on the depth of curve of Spee. J Pak Med Assoc. Relationship between the mandibular condyle and the occlusal plane during hominid evolution: Some of its effects on jaw curve of spee.

Significance of curve of Spee: An orthodontic review

Am J Phys Anthropol. Leveling the curve of Spee: Dimensional changes in the dental arches of orthodontically treated cases.

Changes in the maxillary and mandibular tooth size-arch length relationship from early adolescence to early adulthood. The result curve of spee the present study was in disagreement with Sengupta et al. Another finding in our study was that the depth of the curve of Spee measured by digital method among the individuals with normal teeth up to third molar was significantly higher than that measured up to curve of spee molar [Table 6].

Curve of spee clinically, there is difference in the depth of the curve of Spee between healthy dentition and individuals with occlusal curve of spee attrited dentition, statistically there is no significant difference was found.

Therefore, result says that the depth of the curve of Spee is maintained throughout the life and also the attrition pattern is such that the maximum attrition pattern is seen in the first molar teeth and thus maintaining the curve of Spee.

Thus, if the curve of Spee is not maintained in these dentitions during full mouth rehabilitation, it may lead to interferences along the mandibular movements which will jeopardize the health of the masticatory system. The aetiology of malocclusion: The postural basis of malocclusion: The control of vertical overbite curve of spee clinical orthodontics.


Deep overbite correction by intrusion.

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