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A parabola looks something like this, kind of a U shape and you know, the classic parabola.


I won't go into the equations right now. Well, I will because you're probably familiar with it.

Conic Sections

And then, you could shift it around and then you can even have a parabola that goes like this. That would be x is equal to y squared. You could rotate these things around, but I think you know the general shape of a parabola.

We'll talk conic sections drawing about how do you graph it or how do you know what the interesting points on a parabola actually are.

Conic Section -- from Wolfram MathWorld

And then the conic sections drawing one, you might have seen this conic sections drawing, is a hyperbola. It almost looks like two parabolas, but not quite, because the curves look a little less U-ish and a little more open. But I'll explain what I mean by that.

So a hyperbola usually looks something like this. So if these are the axes, then if I were to draw-- let me draw some asymptotes.


I want to go right through the-- that's pretty good. Those aren't the actual hyperbola. But a hyperbola would look something like this.

They get to be right here and they get really close to the asymptote. They get conic sections drawing and closer to those blue lines like that and it happened on conic sections drawing side too. The graphs show up here and then they pop over and they show up there.

This magenta could be one hyperbola; I haven't done true justice to it. Or another hyperbola could be on, you could kind of call it a vertical hyperbola.

Desmos | Staff Picks: Creative Art

That's not the exact word, but it would look something like that where it's below the asymptote here. It's above the asymptote there. So conic sections drawing blue one would be one hyperbola and then the magenta one would be a different hyperbola.

So those are the different graphs.

Conic sections drawing

conic sections drawing So the one thing that I'm sure you're asking is why are they called conic sections? Why are they not called bolas or variations of circles or whatever?


And in fact, wasn't even the relationship.

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