A noun phrase or nominal phrase (abbreviated NP) is a phrase which has a noun (or indefinite . The situation is complicated by the fact that in some contexts a noun phrase may nonetheless be used without a determiner (as in I like big. Complex Noun Phrases - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. I analyse scope relations between indefinite descriptions, universal noun phrases, and negation. A unified compositional account of any is offered. Relative.


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All the many complex noun phrases pictures are collected. The articles are central to the class of determiners in that they have no function independent of the noun they precede. Demonstrative pronouns fall in two groups.

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This is my friend. The results indicate that their structural and discourse properties are largely consistent with reported English uses.

The percentage fell in October. An offer was made by a big business. The offer was rejected.

Scope and Complex Noun Phrases

A coursebook on translation. Aitchison, Jean and Diana M.


complex noun phrases Noun phrases can be embedded in other noun phrases. They can be embedded in them. A string of words that can be replaced by a single pronoun without rendering the sentence grammatically unacceptable is a noun phrase.

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As to whether the string must complex noun phrases at least two words, see the following section. Status of single words as phrases[ edit ] Traditionally, a phrase is understood to contain two or more words.

Complex Noun Phrases in ESL Narratives: Structural and Discourse Properties

However, many modern schools of syntax — especially those that have been influenced by X-bar theory — make no such restriction. A phrase is deemed to be a word or a combination of words that appears in a set syntactic position, complex noun phrases instance in subject position or object position.

You will hesitate, forget how you started the complex noun phrases and how to finish it, stumble on silly grammatical questions.

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