Ill TABLE OF CONTENTS Abstract ii Table of Contents iii Acknowledgements iv INTRODUCTION 1 CHAPTER 1 Clorinda Matto de Turner: A. The life of Clorinda Matto de Turner is such an integral part of her writings that a few biographical notes are necessary for background material. Our authoress. Clorinda Matto de Turner (11 September in Cusco – 25 October ) was a Peruvian writer who lived during the early years of Latin American  ‎Biography · ‎First editions of her works · ‎Further reading.


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Matto de Turner was baptized Grimanesa Martina Mato, but was called Clorinda among her friends and family.

Clorinda Matto de Turner - Wikipedia

She originally had one "T" clorinda matto de turner her last name, but after studying the Inca culture she added the extra "T" to give the name an Inca flavor. Growing up in Cuzco, the former Inca capital, Matto spent most of her days on her family's estate, Paullo Chico, which is near the village of Coya.

There she took some very unconventional courses that were viewed as unfeminine in the culture.

She majored in independent studies, which included PhilosophyNatural Historyand Physics. Matto left school at the age of sixteen to spend more time taking care of her brother and father.


Inat the age of 19, Matto married an EnglishmanDr. Turner, a wealthy landowner.

Clorinda Matto de Turner

Clorinda matto de turner after their marriage they moved to Tintawhere they lived clorinda matto de turner 10 years.

She became very familiar with indigenous culture, and the more she learned, the more she embraced it.

Much of her writing is inspired by what she learned from her acquaintance with this culture. She found work as a journalistwith local and foreign papers.

InMatto de Turner founded El Recreo de Casco, a magazine offering literature, science, art and education.

While living in Tinta she developed two of her major intellectual preoccupations: As an active journalist during these years, she became a well-known celebrity in Peru. She traveled to Lima in and was warmly received by the intellectual elite.

When Matto's husband died inleaving her in dire economic straits, she returned to Tinta to manage her hacienda personally. During this time Chile and Peru were engaged in the War of the Pacific, which left the defeated Peru devastated.

Matto de Turner, Clorinda 1852-1909

Matto aided her compatriots by raising funds for military equipment and donating her farmhouse for medical assistance to the troops. In she lost her hacienda and she went to Arequipa, where she again worked as a journalist.

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  • Matto de Turner, Clorinda (1852–1909)

Legends, Biographies, and Other Writingsa volume of articles published in newspapers and literary magazines between andwith a preface by Peruvian writer Ricardo Palma. These short stories tradiciones follow the model of the genre created by Palma. Connected to these groups was the literary publication Clorinda matto de turner Peru Ilustrado, of which Matto was appointed director in She insisted that the magazine reflect Peruvian concerns above all others.

An early translation of her novel Torn from the Nest clorinda matto de turner in London under the title, Birds from the Nest By the mid-twentieth century, feminist critics began to study her work and by the last decades of that century she was being studied in university literature departments in Peru, Argentina, England and the United States.


The end of the twentieth century saw a second translation of Torn from the Nest, which fittingly, like the first translation, was published by a British concern.

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