No information is available for this page. Other articles where Stromateis is discussed: Saint Clement of Alexandria: Early life and career: but from another place” (Strōmateis), prepared the way for the. The Stromata (Greek: Στρώματα) or Stromateis (Στρωματεῖς, "Patchwork"), also called Miscellanies, is the third in Clement of Alexandria's (c. – c.‎Contents of the books · ‎Question of the eighth book · ‎Quotes · ‎Notes.


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But if he was not, how did he straightway believe, as it were naturally? And if he was elect, their hypothesis is done away with, inasmuch as even clement of alexandria stromata to the coming of the Lord an election was found, and that saved: But if, being such, the good Being save, according to them; neither is it his own that he saves, nor clement of alexandria stromata it with the consent of him who formed the creation that he essays salvation, but by force or fraud.

And how can he any more be good, acting thus, and being posterior?

Ante-Nicene Fathers/Volume II/CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA/The Stromata, or Miscellanies/Book V/Chap. I.

But if the locality is different, and the dwelling-place of the Omnipotent is remote from the dwelling-place of the good God; yet the will of him who saves, having been the first to begin, is not inferior to that of the good God.

From what has been previously proved, those who believe not are proved senseless: Now we know that neither things which are clear are made subjects of investigation, such as if it is day, while it is day; nor things unknown, and never destined to become clear, clement of alexandria stromata whether the stars are even or odd in clement of alexandria stromata nor things convertible; and those are so which can be said equally by those who take the opposite side, as if what is in the womb is a living creature or not.

A fourth mode is, when, from either side of those, there is advanced an unanswerable and irrefragable argument. If, then, the ground of inquiry, according to all of these modes, is removed, clement of alexandria stromata is established.

For we advance to clement of alexandria stromata the unanswerable consideration, that it is God who speaks and comes to our help in writing, respecting each one of the points regarding which I investigate.

Who, then, is so impious as to disbelieve God, and to demand proofs from God as from men?

CHURCH FATHERS: The Stromata (Clement of Alexandria)

Again, some questions demand the evidence of the senses, [14] as if one were to ask whether the fire be warm, or the snow white; and some admonition and rebuke, as the question if you ought to honour your parents.

And there are those that deserve punishment, as to ask proofs of the existence of Providence. There being then a Providence, it were impious clement of alexandria stromata think that the whole clement of alexandria stromata prophecy and the economy in reference to a Saviour did not take place in accordance with Providence.


And perchance one should not even attempt to demonstrate such points, the divine Providence being evident from the sight of all its skilful clement of alexandria stromata wise works which are seen, some of which take place in order, and some appear in order.

And He who communicated to us being and life, has communicated to us also reason, wishing us to live rationally and rightly.


But clement of alexandria stromata some are unbelieving, and some are disputatious, all do not attain to the perfection of the good. For neither is it possible to attain it without the exercise of free choice; nor does the whole depend on our own purpose; as, for example, what is defined to happen.

And we must possess the healthy mind which is fixed on the pursuit of the good; in order to which we have the greatest need of divine grace, and of right teaching, and of holy susceptibility, and of the drawing of the Clement of alexandria stromata to Him.

Stromateis | work by Clement of Alexandria |

For, bound in this earthly body, we apprehend the clement of alexandria stromata of sense by means of the body; but we grasp intellectual objects by means of the logical faculty itself. But if one expect to apprehend all things by the senses, he has fallen far from clement of alexandria stromata truth.

Whilst we live, I pronounce this to be the case. But there is a good hope that after death I shall attain all. For since the soul became too enfeebled for the apprehension of realities, we needed a divine teacher.

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The Saviour is sent down—a teacher and leader in the acquisition of the good—the secret and sacred token of the great Providence. Hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

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